27,899…27,900! SYNETIQ get squatting to raise £1,425 for housing and homelessness charity


Nine colleagues from the company’s Client team completed a ‘100 squats a day in May’ challenge – raising funds for housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated vehicle recycling company, continue their fundraising efforts by taking part in Shelter’s ‘100 squats a day in May’ challenge.

Nine colleagues from the Client team took on the super challenge for 31 days, completing 3,100 squats each -27,900 in total – and raised £1,425 for Shelter.

The charity, which helps people in housing need by providing advice and practical assistance, and fights for investment in housing and for laws and policies to improve the lives of homeless and badly housed people, expects the pressure on its frontline services to grow as the true impact of the pandemic is revealed.

With people’s incomes slashed, job losses mounting, and people hanging onto their homes by a thread, the charity says the pandemic has shown the inequalities in the UK’s housing system.

Charities are also receiving a boost thanks to SYNETIQ’s pound-for-pound match funding scheme. The scheme maximises the fundraising efforts of colleagues across the business by matching funds raised. In this case the team asked for their match funding to be donated to SYNETIQ’s chosen charity of the year, Macmillan Cancer Support.

The match funding scheme is one part of the company’s corporate social responsibility work. In 2020, SYNETIQ’s Colleague and Community forum was established, offering an opportunity for employees to put forward their ideas and vote on how best to support the causes and charities in their local communities.

SYNETIQ’s Guide to Green Parts: The foundations for sustainability


As part of ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’, SYNETIQ’s new sustainability initiative, the UK’s largest integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company has published an infographic on green parts use.

Designed to educate and inform the public on the sustainability benefits of green parts, the infographic forms part of the foundation of SYNETIQ’s commitment to sustainable motoring for all.

In one easily digested page, SYNETIQ explains Green Parts, how they’re sourced, their safety and how they help drive a more responsible route to car use.

As part of its ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’ program, SYNETIQ is involved in an ongoing campaign to continually educate the trade and motoring public on the benefits of Green Parts, while working towards becoming a carbon neutral company.

With a roster of household names as clients, including major insurers, accident management companies, fleets, police forces, logistics companies and vehicle repair bodyshops, the use of genuine OEM green parts produces less CO2 emissions than the manufacture of new replacement items. This negates the impact of manufacturing totally new parts, which require more energy, more raw materials and more cost, aligning perfectly with the waste hierarchy.

By raising awareness of the advantages of Green Parts, SYNETIQ aims to lower the cost of repairs for motorists as well as the environmental impact. By using safety-checked, pre-existing OEM parts, consumers make savings of up to 75% off OEM RRP on parts.

Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ said: “With major insurance groups such as Allianz now allowing private motorists to request Green Parts for their vehicle repairs, as well as fleet users, SYNETIQ is proud of the vast COsavings that it is helping to achieve across the industry.

“As part of our internal sustainability strategy, titled The Road to Tomorrow, SYNETIQ is investing heavily in ensuring that our own processes are as sustainable as our green parts. From carbon literacy training for employees, to increased EV use and even external educational programs for consumers, SYNETIQ is committed to a greener motoring future.”

SYNETIQ gets kids active through Cheshire BMX Club sponsorship


SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, has announced its sponsorship of the Cheshire Ghost Riders BMX Club.

Through match funding, SYNETIQ’s support will enable the club to buy leading technology that automatically times riders, opening the club up to opportunities to host regional races.

The volunteer-run club, which offers training for all skill levels from beginners to elite-level athletes, is gearing up for the first regional race of 2021 after a year of disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With lockdowns disrupting community clubs up and down the country, the club has been forced to postpone planned maintenance and other improvements to the track and equipment for members.

The sports team, based near the company’s Winsford site, was brought to SYNETIQs attention by Craig Griggs, a colleague at its Winsford site. It is one of many organisations to benefit from SYNETIQ’s Colleague and Community forum.

As part of a wide-reaching program of corporate social responsibility activity, the forum offers an opportunity for employees to put forward their ideas and vote on how best to support the causes and charities in their local communities.

SYNETIQ is always looking to support worthy causes, especially those which are important to its colleagues. After hearing how the club has benefited Craig and his children, the business found an opportunity to support it.

The club expected to spend another 12 months fundraising to buy the track decoder, but thanks to a SYNETIQ colleague’s insight into racing technology, they were able to source and afford an alternative.

Martin Brown, Coach and Chairman at Cheshire Ghost Riders BMX Club said: “We would like to say a massive thank you to SYNETIQ for the sponsorship of £1,250 towards a new transponder timing system that will allow us to run training sessions and racing.

“This system will aid the club’s progression, giving us split times from the start gate to the bottom of the hill and also full laps. This will help with trying out new techniques against the clock and seeing the riders’ progress over months of training.”

Martin has coached at the club since 2019 and has seen the club go from strength to strength after becoming chairman in March 2021, with many riders entering the world championship this year.

SYNETIQ marks World Environment Day by unveiling latest EV delivery van


SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading integrated salvage and vehicle dismantling company is marking World Environment Day with the launch of its new all electric green parts delivery van and the installation of EV charging points at its Doncaster site.

Amusingly nicknamed “St-EV Wonder,” the new Mercedes Benz e-Sprinter is serious first step towards an electric vehicle fleet for SYNETIQ’s fleet, and forms part of the company’s new internal sustainability initiative, named ‘The Road to Tomorrow.’

Powering the van will be a newly installed bank of EV charging points, which will provide on-site charging not only for SYNETIQ’s vans, but also for any employees to charge their own EV’s while at work. Now fully installed at the Doncaster site, similar charging points are being installed across all SYNETIQ sites in the coming weeks.

SYNETIQ CEO, Tom Rumboll, commented: “Unveiling our latest emissions-free parts van in celebration of World Environment Day underlines our ongoing commitment to sustainability. Of course, sustainability and the environment are important on more than just one day a year, so we introduced our ‘Road to Tomorrow’ strategy to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do as a company.”

With a current level of 95.3% of vehicles passed through SYNETIQ being fully recycled, and with green parts use contributing to an annual saving of 5,500,000 kgs of CO2e over the last two years, as well as a comprehensive road map towards achieving further carbon savings, SYNETIQ’s sustainability bar is already high. The Road to Tomorrow initiative ensures that the current levels will be seen as a base line to be improved via revised working practices, employee education and incentives.

Rumboll added “Our internal carbon literacy training program, the independently investigated carbon audit we carried out earlier in the year and host of other internal schemes are designed to educate and encourage us both as a company and as individuals to act in the most sustainable way possible, not just on World Environment Day, but every day going forwards. We’ve worked hard to understand the true CO2 savings we’re achieving each day, and the next step on Our Road to Tomorrow is demonstrating this to our clients and customers.”

SYNETIQ joins the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders


SYNETIQ, Britain’s largest integrated salvage and dismantling company, has joined the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) as it continues its mission to help build a sustainable future for motoring in the UK.

SMMT membership supports SYNETIQ’s plans to work collaboratively with the Automotive sector as a whole, supporting the business’ sustainability strategy.

Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ, said: “As a company, we’re changing how we talk with our customers and clients about the achievable financial and environmental benefits of using green parts. By working with the SMMT we will continue to learn and understand how we can work and support the entire automotive sector.”

As a member of SMMT working groups, such as Electric Vehicle, Aftermarket and Remanufacturing, the business hopes that by working closely with manufacturers, the industry can maximise the reuse and recycling potential of each vehicle, reducing CO2 emissions and material waste further.

As a leader in its sector, SYNETIQ has launched several key initiatives to highlight environmental benefits of integrated salvage and recycling. This includes training a large proportion of their colleagues on carbon literacy, as well as a study into the CO2 savings that can be achieved through the use of Green Parts in vehicle repair.

The use of Green Parts provides significant financial savings, with significantly less embedded carbon and roughly 50% lower cost than their newly manufactured equivalents. These OEM original parts – non-safety critical components such as doors, body panels and headlamps, are removed from damaged vehicles – then graded, cleaned, safety checked and issued with a certificate of conformity. These parts are then supplied to key insurance providers, bodyshops and fleet operators.

Last year SYNETIQ also announced its plans to expand and invest in its Winsford site, as the UK gears up for a shift to purely electric vehicles from 2035. Establishing Europe’s first dedicated EV processing and recycling centre, the site will not only handle existing and future generations of EVs, but also operate as a centre of excellence and provide certified training to other businesses in the safe handling of EV batteries and architecture.

SYNETIQ is the largest ebay seller of used car and motorcycle parts in the UK, and its approach for accurately cataloging and describing each part means buyers can quickly find what they need. With 150,000+ components online now, and up to 10,000 new items added every month, it’s become a valuable resource for private owners.

SYNETIQ saddle up for charity bike ride


Dave Bradley, Ecommerce Sales Manager embarked on the challenge in a bid to raise funds for SYNETIQ’s chosen charity for 2021, Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Beyond Lincolnshire Sportive bike ride is SYNETIQ’s first fundraising event of the year for Macmillan. Together, the pair raised £770.

Dean Richards, Finance Planning & Analysis Manager also took up the challenge joining Dave in spirit and racking up the miles on the roads closer to home in Cheshire.

Tom Rumboll, CEO at SYNETIQ said: “We’re proud to support deserving charities. Macmillan has helped so many families through the toughest of times which is why our people voted to support this amazing cause.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people living with cancer has been significant, explained Amy Hebdon, Relationship Fundraising Manager at Macmillan. “There are almost 3 million people living with cancer in the UK and they are facing increasing evidence about the impact of Covid-19 on cancer – at diagnosis, during treatment and at the end of life. Many of them will need information and support, now more than ever.

We’re delighted SYNETIQ employees chose Macmillan Cancer Support as their charity for 2021. Without the support of companies like SYNETIQ, we wouldn’t be here to help these people when they really need us.”

SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated vehicle recycling company, voted to support Macmillan back in March 2021, and it is just one of the many organisations that benefit from the good work that SYNETIQ’s Colleague and Community forum carry out.

The forum, which meets each month, offers an opportunity for colleagues to put forward ideas and vote on how best to support the charities and causes in their local communities.

SYNETIQ’s teams have walked, cycled and even skydived to raise money for third sector organisations, and the business promises a ‘pound for pound’ scheme for all colleagues, matching the total raised by individuals for charity up to the value of £500.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a priority for SYNETIQ and the next fundraising activity takes place over the summer. Over 40 colleagues across the business have signed up to Tough Mudder 2021, a punishing mud run and obstacle course.

Our Road to Tomorrow: SYNETIQ shares CO2 impact of integrated vehicle recycling


SYNETIQ, Britain’s largest integrated salvage and dismantling company, has re-stated its commitment to a more sustainable future. With growing green parts usage, and an increased focus on corporate and social responsibility, SYNETIQ is leading the way in creating a sustainable future for motoring, a journey that SYNETIQ has termed ‘Our Road to Tomorrow.’

As one of the  foundations for this initiative, SYNETIQ has commissioned a study into the true Carbon footprint of its own activities, as well as the CO2e savings that can be achieved through the use of its green parts in automotive repairs. The study, carried out by independent circular economy consultancy Oakdene Hollins, has revealed the true environmental benefits of using green components rather than brand new OEM parts..

By taking into account the parts supplied annually by SYNETIQ to the Insurance and fleet repairer network, the carbon savings are staggering. In the last two years alone, SYNETIQ estimates that it has saved 5,500,000 kgs of CO2e emissions*.

This saving is the equivalent to:

  • A year’s electricity for 1000 homes
  • 3,094,410 litres of burned petrol – over two years of an average family car use in the UK.

Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ, said: “We are very excited about our Carbon Saving Calculator project. It’s a key part of our ongoing sustainability strategy. By understanding the precise carbon savings  of each part we sell for reuse,, we can share data to support our clients in meeting their own sustainability targets.

It also drives the focus on our own internal processes  to keep improving these savings. We have known the advantages to green parts for a long time and with this accurate and independent measurement we can tell our clients exactly what their use means to them.”

With the largest and most diverse stock of green parts for most vehicles in the UK, bodyshops, fleet and insurance companies   can not only save the environment and money, but also time. SYNETIQ’s stock management systems and rapid delivery mean that vehicle down-time is minimised, getting vehicles back on the road faster, for less. 

In addition, SYNETIQ is the largest seller of green car and motorcycle parts via ebay in the UK, and its approach for accurately cataloguing and describing each part means buyers can quickly find what they need.

With 150,000+ green parts online now, and up to 10,000 new items added every month, SYNETIQ’s ebay store is a valuable resource for private owners and independent garages). In the next phase of this project, SYNETIQ will explore the Carbon savings it has achieved by supplying these end-user  customers.

New digital platform automates green parts for collision repair.


  • mygreenparts the first automated solution for the insurance and vehicle repair sectors
  • Platform only offers parts matching repair standards and insurance requirements.
  • The initiative supports sustainable repairs.

Integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company SYNETIQ and insurance provider Allianz have launched the mygreenparts digital platform that will boost vehicle repairers’ ability to source green parts.

Digitally integrating the supply of more environmentally friendly components, mygreenparts provides a drastically simplified purchasing process for repairers – saving both time and money. A major initiative in a more sustainable future for body and mechanical repairs, it’s a significant step towards a circular economy for the sector.

Nick Rossiter, motor damage strategy manager, Allianz Claims, commented: “Through their long partnership, Allianz and SYNETIQ have worked together on an ethical and sustainable approach to vehicle salvage. The mygreenparts platform allows a seamless process for our repairers to purchase green parts, benefitting our customers, repair network and the planet.”

Cheaper, faster, greener

Allowing repairers to use their existing software system to generate an estimate for a vehicle repair, mygreenparts automatically notifies SYNETIQ’s stock control system of the parts required – within the guidelines agreed with Allianz. This enables SYNETIQ to offer all matching items from its inventory of over 200,000 green parts. SYNETIQ only supplies non-safety critical green parts to be fitted, such as doors, body panels and headlamps. Parts have been graded, cleaned, safety checked and come with a declaration certificate of parts conformity, BS 10125.

Significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly, green parts contain less embedded carbon and cost up to 75% less than their newly manufactured equivalent. Guaranteeing that quality standards are maintained, SYNETIQ dismantles category B vehicles for Allianz and ensures they are processed responsibly, with component inspection and full traceability.

Mygreenparts will enable repairers, insurers, and fleets to measure and report the emissions and carbon savings they achieve through this climate conscious approach. Captured data can be used to identify trends and enhance fulfilment rates. The development of the mygreenparts platform is expected to increase the proportion of green parts used in vehicle repairs.

SYNETIQ ensures all Category B vehicles are dismantled on site, rather than being re-sold to third parties – a fundamental stipulation for Allianz, and a key example of SYNETIQ putting compliance at the forefront of its operations.

By guaranteeing that unsafe vehicles are permanently removed from the roads, and not sold for reuse in other markets, SYNETIQ and Allianz demonstrate a shared approach to sustainable and ethical salvage, which is not focussed on revenue generation.

Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ, added: “As the only truly integrated supplier of green parts on a national scale, we’re able to handle the complete process of vehicle salvage and dismantling from start to finish. Further enhancing our leading green parts proposition to our valued insurer clients, via repairers, it is a great step forward in our common goal of automated and sustainable motoring solutions.”

Insurers and fleet operators currently using SYNETIQ’S mygreenfleet system will be able to migrate to the new platform, and benefit from time and CO2 savings, while the development of mygreenparts allows it to integrate with other Bodyshop management systems and reach a wider audience.

Neale Laker joins SYNETIQ as Green Parts Director


SYNETIQ is excited to announce the appointment of Neale Laker, who has joined the business in the new role of Green Parts Director.

As Green Parts Director, Neale is responsible for all parts sales and each of SYNETIQs parts retail channels – from items supplied through SYNETIQs mygreenparts portal to insurers and fleets, to those sold over the counter to the public.

As the business gears up for a new growth phase within the green parts sector, Neale’s role will be instrumental in ensuring SYNETIQ can meet increasing demand from clients and customers.

Neale brings over 35 years’ experience from the Automotive industry across 5 continents, covering sales, technical, and operations roles, having previously worked for Tesla, Saab and General Motors.

As the only truly integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, SYNETIQ works with insurance and fleet clients to reduce the environmental impact of collision repair – by resupplying perfectly good parts from salvage vehicles back into clients’ supply chain.

Not only does the use of green parts negate CO2 emissions generated by manufacturing, items are also significantly cheaper than the equivalent new OEM.

The news follows the recent announcement of ‘The Road to Tomorrow’ – SYNETIQs plan to be the most sustainable and responsible business in the vehicle recycling industry, with an ambitious goal of being carbon neutral in the next few years.

Neale Laker said: “I am delighted to be joining the winning team here at SYNETIQ. We have clearly defined goals as a business, which I am supremely confident we can achieve. I am very excited to engage with all my team and collaborate closely to achieve amazing things. We need to grasp this opportunity and set the industry standard for Green parts across all channels.”

Tom Rumboll, CEO at SYNETIQ, said: “Neale is the right person, in the right role at the right time, where attracting someone of Neale’s calibre is a statement of both the quality of our business today, and our ambitions for the future.”

Collection of iconic British classics to go under the hammer with SYNETIQ


  • Stunning private collection of British classics is up for grabs via SYNETIQ online auction
  • Jaguar XK120, Austin ‘Downton’ Mini Cooper S and iconic fast Fords available
  • Collection for sale as part of the regeneration of the Winsford Site into a centre of excellence for EV dismantling
  • Bidding now live, and will end Friday, May 28th

The cars are the stars as the Winsford collection goes under the hammer via the SYNETIQ auction platform. A total of 25 iconic cars of all eras are up for sale, but the five star lots are sure to attract a bidding frenzy.

Coming from the private museum based at the SYNETIQ Winsford site, the ‘Winsford Collection’ includes some 25 cars ranging from fast Fords, to rare Jaguars and a vast selection of classic Minis. With most vehicles emerging following years of dry storage, each is ready to be recommissioned and returned to the road. Much of the selection includes cars that can be viewed as investment projects requiring light restoration.

SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, announced its intention to expand and invest in its Winsford site last year, in order to open a new cutting-edge facility for processing electric vehicles (EVs) – the first of its kind in Europe.

Five lots from the sale in particular are attracting attention from collectors and enthusiasts:

1953 Jaguar XK120 OTS. Finished in British Racing Green, and running on period-correct wire wheels and cross-ply tyres, this XK120 has been prepared to a fast-road and mild competition specification. Featuring a roll bar, aero screens, fire extinguisher, harnesses and an external ignition cut-off, this Jaguar is ready for touring, historic rallies or racing.


1964 Austin Mini Cooper S, Downton tuned with a Radford interior.

This ultra-rare, early example of the Austin Mini Cooper S is possibly unique. As a 1964 model, it features the larger 1071cc A series engine, with servo assisted disk brakes, but does not feature the twin fuel tanks of the later cars. Tuned even further by the period mini experts, Downton Engineering, this mini also features a bespoke interior by the leading British coachbuilders, Harold Radford & Co. With deeper seats, trimmed in Connolly leather and a walnut dashboard with matching door cappings, lovers of the swinging sixties and motorsport need look no further.


1971 Ford Escort Mexico. Launched in celebration of its victory at the London-Mexico World Rally Championship in 1970, the Escort Mexico has become one of the most sought-after examples of the type. Finished in Daytona yellow, and featuring quad Cibie spotlights at the front and diamond-cut minilite alloy wheels, this Escort is in an eye-catching specification. With just 103,000 miles shown on the odometer, this is ready for a serious collector to own and enjoy.


1989 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. Finished in diamond white, with an unmarked grey velour interior, this example shows just 38,000 miles on the odometer. With buyers finding it increasingly hard to find unmolested, original examples of these turbo-charged 80’s super saloons, this Sierra Sapphire has already caught the eye of serious collectors of the marque.


1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth. For fans of the turbo-charged road versions of the group A rally cars, there are few more iconic cars than the Escort RS Cosworth. With a 2-litre, turbo charged engine, permanent four-wheel drive, ample downforce thanks to the whale-tale rear spoiler, the Escort RS Cosworth was built for speed. This early example, featuring optional leather seats, electric windows and with a manual sunroof, is finished in a deep Mallard Green having benefitted from some subtle enhancements. Compomotive alloy wheels, and an upgrade to AP Racing brakes are both period correct, and also reversible, should the new owner desire a factory-spec vehicle.

All vehicles are offered for sale via SYNETIQ’s online auction platform. Bidding is now live, and will end on Friday May 28th. Registration for SYNETIQs auction costs £50+VAT per year, and can be accessed via this link.