SYNETIQ Director Nominated for Prestigious Finance Award


A Doncaster finance director has been nominated for an award which celebrate exceptional financial leadership in the Yorkshire region.

Leigh Manton, SYNETIQ’s Finance Director, has been shortlisted for the Yorkshire Finance Leader’s Finance Leader in a Privately Owned Business award.

The annual awards, sponsored by Brewster Partners, BDO, Lloyds Bank and Aon aim to honour and celebrate the region’s strong finance community which has helped support regional businesses and navigated the challenging circumstances of the pandemic. 

Richard Chamberlain, Sheffield Office Managing Partner at Brewster Partners said: “Leigh’s inclusion in the 2021 Yorkshire Finance Leaders Awards was no surprise given the recent growth and success of SYNETIQ, combined with the leadership Leigh has demonstrated throughout the last 18 months – it is clear he lives and breathes the values of the business, has developed a great team around him and is passionate about the service the business offers and the welfare of its colleagues.”

Commenting on his nomination, Leigh said: “To be nominated alongside big operators from the region, especially as a Director of a young business that has been trading for just two and a half years, is an honour. The tumultuous nature of the past 18 months makes being nominated for this award all the more significant.”

Leigh joined SYNETIQ in September 2019 from Finsbury Food plc, a £300m turnover manufacturer of bread and morning goods. Bringing a wealth of experience from Construction, Engineering and FMCG industries, Leigh has played a pivotal role in assembling the financial and strategic governance for SYNETIQ’s expansion across the UK.

SYNETIQ recently announced its acquisition of a new “smart hub” located in the South East, strengthening its national coverage and capacity to provide sustainable vehicle processing solutions for clients such as the Metropolitan Police.

The final winners will be announced and celebrated at a black-tie awards ceremony on 11th November at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

Raising a mug for Macmillan: SYNETIQ raises £1,359 for cancer charity


SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated vehicle salvage, dismantling and recycling company, has donated £1,359 to its chosen charity partner, Macmillan Cancer Support, enough to fund a Macmillan Nurse for a week.

Colleagues from the company’s flagship sites at Doncaster and Winsford served a mountain of tea, coffee and cake to support people whose lives have been impacted by cancer as part of Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on 24th September. Together, the sites raised a combined total of £1,259.

Generous colleagues donated raffle prizes including a day’s annual leave, overnight hotel stays, pamper gifts and restaurant vouchers.

An additional £100 was donated to Macmillan from customer donations at counters throughout the year.

Anna Reade, Client Relationship Manager at SYNETIQ Winsford, said friendly rivalry to see which site could raise the most money helped get colleagues involved and made for a successful morning. She added: “We are so grateful for all the generous donations from colleagues and customers. We all know someone who has been affected by cancer, whether that’s in their individual life or through family and friends. It’s important for us to do our bit in the community and help organisations like Macmillan who do a fantastic job supporting them.”

Macmillan’s annual Coffee Morning – one of the UK’s longest-running fundraising events – usually sees millions of pounds donated to help support people affected by cancer and helps fund Macmillan services to provide physical, emotional, and financial support.

Register now for SYNETIQ’s free, one-off accredited Carbon Literacy Training Day


SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading vehicle salvage, dismantling and recycling company, is offering a free accredited Carbon Literacy Training course to members of the automotive sector – with a limited number of places available for registration now.

The one-off session coincides with the first-ever Carbon Literacy Action Day, taking place on Monday 1st November. The training also marks day one of the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (COP 26), as well as SYNETIQ’s conviction towards collaboration within its industry for the purpose of positive change.

Attendees will receive sustainability-based training and an official certification, designed to educate and inform on the necessary changes to combat climate change. Hosted via Microsoft Teams, attendees will also be asked to complete an evaluation following the course. This will include assessment of their everyday activities, both at home and work, and their ability and motivation to reduce CO2 emissions.

Around a third of SYNETIQ’s 500-strong team have now completed the same bespoke Carbon Literacy training – a significant investment which is already driving positive change across all sites.

“We’d encourage every organisation to invest in this type of training wherever possible,” says Anna Reade, SYNETIQ’s Client Relationship Manager and carbon literacy trainer. “It’s a fact that a carbon literate business will be better equipped to reduce CO2 emissions, resources and save money – as well as to support the changing needs of its stakeholders.”

“Carbon Literacy training has created a real buzz at SYNETIQ, and we’re looking forward to sharing that with the rest of the industry. Receiving an official accreditation upon completion, free-of-charge, makes the training truly worthwhile.”

Anna Reade, Client Relationship Manager

In May 2021, SYNETIQ announced ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’ – it’s mission to be the most trusted and sustainable business in its sector. This included commissioning a study into the true CO2 footprint of its operations, and the CO2 savings that can be achieved by using green parts in automotive repairs – highlighting the environmental benefits of integrated salvage and recycling.

Since then, the business has achieved Bronze Carbon Literacy status, and is now heading towards the next stage of its ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’ roadmap.

Attendees can sign up for SYNETIQ’s Carbon Literacy Training Course by emailing – places are available on a first come, first served basis.

To Sustain is to Survive


Anna Reade, Client Relationship Manager and Helen Carling, Head of Marketing at SYNETIQ, talk to ATF Professional about the company’s path to sustainability and why other vehicle recycling operations need to head on this path too.
Anna Reade, Helen Carling

Where did sustainability begin for the company?

Helen told us that sustainability first began with Car Transplants and FAB Recycling, two of the companies that were part of the merger to make up SYNETIQ. FAB Recycling was the first company to become carbon neutral; they were offsetting before people knew that they should be offsetting.

Jason Cross, Director of FAB Recycling, found experts that helped him and made the recommendations. And they did what many people are doing now, but so many years before its time. 

At the time of the merger, Tom Rumboll came on board, whose career had been very much focused on sustainability. It’s important to him to work for a company that makes a difference, and that’s why he decided to come to SYNETIQ; he could see that potential. He said that it is all about sustainability, and if you’re not doing the right thing, you’re going to lose out commercially – no one will want to work with you if you’re not doing the right thing. He knew the industry was sustainable by nature, but he wanted to make sure SYNETIQ was sustainable by their actions.

Public perception is changing, and larger companies, insurance companies, and fleets are in that space. So it’s not a case of sustainability for someone else; it’s for everyone.

When asked about sustainability and how vehicle recycling operations can start, Helen said: “There’s lots of help out there. It’s easier and less scary than you might think – it’s as simple as understanding where your company is now and where you want it to be, then you can put together your plan on how to get there.” 

In terms of practical help, SYNETIQ went down the lines of working with circular economy specialists. Helen suggested to start by getting in touch with your local Chamber of Commerce and tell them you need some help, and they will point you in the right direction. Helen said: “You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you do have to invest time and energy. There are people who the government are helping to help you. So just reach out and get the advice.

“It is likely that some ATFs, especially those with ISOs, are already doing a lot of right things – it’s not about sustainability; it’s about common sense.

“So I guess the advice is, it’s not as hard as you think it is. Put one day aside, do some googling, make some phone calls, and find out if you can get someone to measure your carbon footprint. Think about where you want to be, and then start working. 

The really important thing is, if you’re a small ATF, to get everyone to work on this together. For a larger ATF, create a team from different departments to provide their input, as they all bring something different. You can’t do it on your own.”

To Sustain is to survive p

But what are the benefits? For the time and energy spent looking into where a vehicle recycling company can be more sustainable, why should the vehicle recycler do this?

Helen told us that it is helping the environment and will save them money. Therefore, profitability will increase. But ultimately, very soon, customers will decide if they want to work with you, and this will form part of their criteria. And in any case, Helen said, now, if you’re a limited company, and depending on the size, it’s a legal requirement that Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) is submitted in your company accounts. 

Anna gave an example by saying that in her capacity to do due diligence for clients, she couldn’t believe how there is now so much more information on climate change than 18 months ago. The awareness of sustainability has increased, and there has been a real shift in what they expected. 

Helen said that although customers are coming for parts or auction vehicles based on value right now, mindsets are changing so dramatically and quickly that it will impact their sales line in two or three years as consumers understand the carbon savings.

Anna said that some repairers are now being assessed for carbon neutrality to be verified for PAS2060 Carbon Neutral. They’re tasked with who they buy off in their supply chains, the same as vehicle recyclers, and this is a major thing. In SYNETIQ’s case, they can tell them the carbon savings. And according to Helen, this is where SYNETIQ is successful; repairers are looking at their own supply chain to see where they can improve it, so head to SYNETIQ for parts knowing of their approach of reducing their carbon footprint. She said: “It’s massive, it’s not just for larger companies, it’s for everyone, and it’s coming.”

When asked about what changes can happen in the short term to make a vehicle recycling company more sustainable, Helen said that the process is simple. “Start by breaking it down to ‘Where are you now?’ ‘Where do you want to be?’ ‘What’s the gap?’ and ‘Build yourself a map’. You may find you are, for example, already using LED lights, reducing the amount of paper you are using, introducing electric vehicles. You might be closer to carbon-neutral than you think.”

ATFs should create their own version; to think about where they are now, to find out where they want to go and take some steps. It may take many steps, but it depends on the time and resources they have available.

Anna said that if you know where you are, you can move forward, but it’s also about not being overwhelmed because the small changes can make a big difference. And because of her creating SYNETIQ’s Carbon Literacy Training, she has been able to make her colleagues aware that they personally can make a difference within SYNETIQ and their home life. Everyone needs to talk about climate change and spread their carbon literacy knowledge. 

Helen reiterated Anna’s sentiment by saying that regardless of the size of your operation, it doesn’t matter how large or small the changes you make; it could be changing the light or trying to reduce your paper. Helen said that one of the team members at SYNETIQ has an A4 piece of paper that has been laminated and is wiped after each use; resourceful and great from a GDPR point of view.

It seems, according to Anna, the sustainability revolution has created a real buzz throughout the whole of SYNETIQ. As part of SYNETIQ’s Carbon Literacy training, people have to put forward a personal as well as a group action. At weekends, some people even find articles related to sustainability and share them with her. They are car sharing, or maybe cycling to work; all these different things are making people more aware, and they are calculating their carbon footprint not just in the workplace but outside too.

When it comes to training, as one of SYNETIQ’s Carbon Literacy Trainers, Anna said that within SYNETIQ, the training is for everybody; some people in the office, for example, don’t necessarily know every part of the depollution and dismantling process. So she includes some information about it, such as how their copper granulator is putting a finite resource back into the world.

We asked if sustainability is just a phase, and Helen told us that “It is a buzzword. Right now, everyone is focused on sustainability. But think less about sustainability, and think about more about doing the right thing. You have to do the right thing to survive in business, and right now, the right thing is to focus on sustainability, protect the family, protect your business, protect the planet and show that you’re doing it.”

SYNETIQ & Zurich partner to reduce CO2 impact of vehicle repair


The UK’s leading integrated salvage, dismantling and vehicle recycling company is proud to announce a new green parts partnership with Zurich Insurance UK.

The leading global insurer is the latest to entrust SYNETIQ with the sustainable and compliant supply of reusable green parts – allowing Zurich to eliminate the CO2 emissions created by the manufacture of new items.

Through the supply of green parts, SYNETIQ has avoided over 5.5 million kilos of CO2 during the last two years.

For Zurich, a compelling factor of the new client partnership was SYNETIQ’s ongoing sustainability roadmap, Our Road to Tomorrow – a longterm project which includes a study into SYNETIQs Carbon footprint, as well as the precise CO2e savings that can be achieved using green parts.

Green parts are Original Equipment (OE), non-safety critical items – such as doors, headlamps and tailgates – selected from SYNETIQ’s comprehensive inventory. All items are cleaned, checked and graded based on condition, and are procured through SYNETIQ’s automated digital platform, mygreenparts, which provides real-time data and insight on environmental and financial savings.

David Nichols, Zurich’s Chief Claims Officer, said: “Green parts are a more sustainable way to repair components that are non-safety critical. By extending the life of parts that would otherwise be scrapped, we can reduce harmful carbon emissions while continuing to offer our customers high quality repairs.  This partnership reflects our wider commitment to embed sustainability across our business, and we very much look forward to working with SYNETIQ.” 

Neale Laker, Green Parts Director at SYNETIQ said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Zurich as we join them in their green parts venture and embark on a joint sustainability journey.

“Green parts play an important role in helping us all become more sustainable and to help to reduce the motor insurance industry’s carbon footprint.

“Figures from a recent study carried out on our own parts procurement platform showed that in the past two years alone, the CO2 emissions saved as a result of using SYNETIQ green parts are enough to power 1000 homes for a year. 

“At SYNETIQ, all our green parts conform to BS10125 making them perfectly fit for reuse which in turn, reduces waste and the need for unnecessary manufacturing – resulting in a positive environmental impact.

“As well as the green credentials, there are a number of other benefits.  By adopting used OE parts, vehicles receive a like-for-like replacement – supplying parts from the exact same make and model. This stacks up well against sourcing a more expensive and less environmentally friendly brand-new equivalent or an aftermarket non-genuine part that may be of lower quality.   

“We’re excited to be given this opportunity to work alongside an industry-leading insurer and to provide a quality green parts service which will not only produce efficiency and cost savings but will heavily contribute towards their own sustainability commitments.”

With the largest and most diverse stock of green parts for most vehicles in the UK, bodyshops, fleet and insurance companies not only save the environment and money, but also time. SYNETIQ’s stock management systems and rapid delivery mean that vehicle down-time is minimised, getting vehicles back on the road faster, for less.

‘Wheelie’ great job opportunities are coming to SYNETIQ


SYNETIQ has launched a new recruitment drive creating job opportunities across the business as it continues to expand its operations.

SYNETIQ, which was named as one of Yorkshire’s 50 Most Exciting Companies in 2020, is scaling up to meet increasing demand from its customers.

SYNETIQ is searching for Vehicle Dismantlers, as it expands its 500-strong team of colleagues. Those with experience of working with cars and tools, either as a hobby or through the mechanical or vehicle repair industry, are perfectly suited to the job.

Natalie Buckley, Head of HR at SYNETIQ, said: “We’re proud to be expanding and investing in our team, at a time when many businesses are facing uncertainty. Our new colleagues will be a valuable part of our journey, and I encourage anyone who’d like to hear more to get in touch with us.”

On-the-job training is provided by SYNETIQ’s experienced team, along with  discounts on vehicles and parts, plus other perks including a cycle-to-work scheme.

The vehicle dismantling role involves the removal of parts, quality checks and assessment, plus other warehouse and yard duties. Having your own set of tools is an advantage, although SYNETIQ can look to provide these if necessary. The business also runs an apprenticeship scheme and is keen to hear from school leavers, as it develops the next generation of the vehicle salvage and recycling industry.

SYNETIQ processes over 50,000 salvage and end-of-life vehicles each year, supplying vehicle parts to a wide range of customers – including insurance companies, bodyshops and the public. SYNETIQ Doncaster is part of an expanding, UK-wide network of sites, with new opportunities also being offered at other locations.

In May 2021, it announced ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’ – SYNETIQ’s mission to be the most trusted and sustainable business in its sector – which began with a study into the CO2 savings and environmental benefits generated by its vehicle parts operations.

Please send CVs to

SYNETIQ acquires new Smart Hub in the South East


SYNETIQ has revealed its first Smart Hub, located less than a mile from the M25, strengthening Southeastern coverage for the UK’s leading integrated salvage, dismantling, and recycling business.

The site will be home to a wide range of client services including online vehicle auctions, green parts supply, and recycling, processing a portion of the 50,000 salvage and end of life vehicles handled by SYNETIQ each year. Strategically located near the M25, the new Smart Hub will improve the efficiency of the business’s transporter and parts delivery fleet, reducing vehicle mileage and CO2 emissions.

At around 30 miles away from SYNETIQ Charlton, an existing site which manages seized or damaged vehicles on behalf of the Metropolitan Police, SYNETIQ M25 will allow a greater flow of vehicles within the network and a further increase in vehicle capacity.

Tom Rumboll, CEO at SYNETIQ, said: “We pride ourselves on being there for our clients, and adapting to their changing needs. This new, dynamic site is the first SYNETIQ Smart Hub, and our way of demonstrating to existing and potential clients that we’re on hand with sustainable vehicle processing solutions across the breadth of the UK.”

Further investment is now in progress, with new technology and construction work in progress – including new technology for click & collect parts availability. The site has an existing ELV processing license, meaning that the site can be utilised immediately.

The increase in capacity will support SYNETIQs growth strategy, as the business prepares for the future of vehicle recycling in the lead up to the 2030 ICE sales ban. Electric and Hybrid vehicles will also be processed at the site, bolstering SYNETIQs existing EV Centre of Excellence in Winsford, Cheshire.

“SYNETIQs integrated, circular model is scalable by nature – the more vehicles we process, the greater our supply of green parts, and the greater the CO2 savings we can generate for our clients. We see our new Smart Hub as the next step on Our Road to Tomorrow, a long-term sustainability plan which has already helped SYNETIQ to achieve great things. I’m truly excited to share the next chapter of that with our clients and customers.”

Used vehicle shortage fuels surge for UK’s leading sustainable salvage company


SYNETIQ – the UK’s largest integrated salvage, dismantling and vehicle recycling company – has seen unprecedented demand through its online vehicle auction, leading to increased value of salvage vehicles.

The business supplies a key niche of the used vehicle supply chain, operating an online salvage auction used by a worldwide customer base of over 30,000 bidders.

SYNETIQ’s top three best-selling vehicles mirrored those in the SMMT’s Used Car Sales Report for Q2 2021, with the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Golf proving immensely popular with the salvage auction users across the world.

Also in particularly high demand were commercial vehicles, reflecting supply shortfalls across the whole marketplace. The Ford Transit was SYNETIQ’s fourth best-selling vehicle overall; the business reporting a marked increase in popularity compared with pre-pandemic sales figures.

Recent SMMT data revealed overall used vehicle sales have more than doubled, owing to COVID-19 restrictions easing, a shortage of new models and Brexit complications. Unsurprisingly, a scarcity of supply has driven increases in the value of repairable vehicles sold through SYNETIQ’s salvage auction.

Tom Rumboll, CEO at SYNETIQ, commented: “Facilitating the return to use of repairable salvage vehicles, when safe to do so, is a key element of SYNETIQ’s integrated, circular model. There are myriad factors as to why a vehicle is written off, and we believe those which are safe for repair should go on to fulfil their primary purpose.”

“Each vehicle we process has been given a category by an appropriately qualified person before it reaches us – this helps us define the safest and most sustainable route it takes. Vehicles which are not safe for repair are processed in the most environmentally beneficial way, with reusable parts directed back into the vehicle repair supply chain.”

SYNETIQ became a member of the SMMT in June, as it continues its mission to help build a sustainable future for motoring in the UK. As a member of SMMT working groups, such as Electric Vehicle, Aftermarket and Remanufacturing, SYNETIQ hopes the industry can maximise the reuse and recycling potential of each vehicle, reducing CO2 emissions and material waste further.

Recently, SYNETIQ has also launched initiatives to highlight environmental benefits of integrated salvage and recycling. This includes training a large proportion of their colleagues on carbon literacy, as well as a study into the CO2 savings that can be achieved by using Green Parts in vehicle repair.

Doncaster colleagues take on Tough Mudder for Macmillan Cancer Support


Colleagues from Doncaster-based business, SYNETIQ, took on the Tough Mudder obstacle course over the weekend, raising over £3,000 in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.

27 colleagues from the vehicle dismantling and recyclers’ Doncaster site completed the 10 mile or 5k obstacle course at Broughton Hall, Skipton in aid of the charity.

They embarked on the challenge as part of a business-wide fundraising campaign to support Macmillan Cancer Support.  

The team has so far raised more than £3,000 for the charity on this fundraising event alone. 

With operations at 12 sites nationwide, the business felt it was fitting to select a nationwide charity as its charity of the year.  

SYNETIQ colleagues conquered the 5k race at Broughton Hall, Skipton on 31 July.
SYNETIQ colleagues conquered the 10 mile classic race at Broughton Hall, Skipton on 31 July.

Trevor Madden, Car Dismantling Supervisor at SYNETIQ said of the challenge: “It was definitely tough, but we made it! The day was all about raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support, which continues to do such vital work in the fight against cancer. 

“Because of the pandemic, charities have lost out on fundraising opportunities and donations. It was a challenge but we are really proud of the money we have raised for such a good cause. We are so grateful for every donation.” 

Amy Hebdon, Relationship Fundraising Manager at Macmillan added: “Thank you so much to all at SYNETIQ. Their support will mean we’re able to do whatever it takes to make a real difference to the lives of people affected by cancer.” 

“The team has made an absolutely amazing effort to support our charity throughout 2021 and I look forward to see how the next race goes.” 

More employees are taking part in the Tough Mudder North West race in Cheshire on 4th September.  

Challenges include the ‘Kiss of Mud’, where the team will scramble underneath tangled rows of barbed wire over slushy cold mud with less than 18 inches of clearance above them. 

The final task between them and a hot shower is to charge through ‘Electroshock Therapy’, a field of dangling wires that delivers a punch at 10,000 volts should they get caught. 

Applications now open to join SYNETIQ’s new apprenticeship scheme


SYNETIQ is on the lookout for new apprentices after launching a ‘first of its kind’ motor-recycling apprenticeship scheme, creating new career opportunities within the vehicle recycling industry.

The Metal Recycling Operative apprenticeship starts in September with the business offering successful apprentices a job once qualified working at one of the company’s sites at either Doncaster, Winsford or Gloucester.

What you will learn

Apprentices will take part in a mixture of on and off-the-job learning and will be equipped with their own PPE and tools. Normally dismantlers have to use their own tools. Practical training includes assessing over 800 cars a week in SYNETIQ’s ‘Landing Pad’ where apprentices will learn to identify salvageable parts for reuse – also known as green parts.

In addition, apprentices will experience the depollution process, learn engine prepping techniques and how to safely dismantle vehicles.

Apprentices will gain employability skills such as:

  • Health and safety awareness
  • Manual handling
  • Plant equipment training
  • The opportunity to gain an understanding of electric vehicles
  • Vehicle and parts knowledge

You must have a:

  • Good work ethic prepared to get hands dirty
  • Level of concern for own health safety and that of others
  • Drive to work in a practical automotive environment
  • Passion about vehicles and parts
  • Team player attitude
  • Respect for others
  • Positive attitude

The application criteria

All apprentices must have Level one in English and Maths (equivalent to GSCE grade D-G or 1-3). If apprentices do not have this qualification, additional time will be required to bring them to this level.

How to apply?

For those interested in the scheme, please email with your CV along with a statement on why you would like to work at SYNETIQ.

From cars to cans… SYNETIQ recovers enough aluminium to create 346 million drinks cans per year


Britain’s leading car salvage, dismantling and recycling company, SYNETIQ, has proved it is a canny operator when it comes to recycling aluminium from its vehicles.

On average, SYNETIQ extracts more than 5200 tonnes of aluminium during the vehicle recycling process each year: enough to produce 346 million drinks cans. SYNETIQ then redistributes the aluminium back into the supply chain as part of its integrated, circular recycling model.

The latest figures follow SYNETIQ’s announcement of “Our Road to Tomorrow” – their roadmap to becoming the most sustainable business in the vehicle recycling industry – and support the business’s objective to fully understand their carbon emissions.

With support from independent circular economy consultants Oakdene Hollins, the roadmap included a study into the true CO2 footprint of SYNETIQ’s operations and the CO2 savings that can be achieved by using green parts in automotive repairs, while highlighting the environmental benefits of integrated salvage and recycling.

Aluminium is commonly used throughout modern vehicles, including body panels, wiring, wheels, engine and transmission, and must be carefully separated during the recycling process.

“We’ve invested in equipment and procedures to help us extract the maximum amount of reusable material from the vehicles we handle,” says Ray Curry, Operations Director at SYNETIQ. “Aluminium recovery is a key element of this process, as the material is 100% recyclable. That means we create new CO2 savings every time we recycle it.”

Using recycled Aluminium reduces CO2 emissions by 92%, compared to raw material use, and saves 95% of the energy needed for primary production*, according to a 2020 report by the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation.

Aluminium is an incredibly versatile material, its strong and lightweight properties making it perfect for a range of reuses, whether that’s manufacturing beverage cans and cooking foil, or for aerospace and alloy wheel manufacturing.

SYNETIQ processes more than 70,000 vehicles each year, using the waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse, remanufacture and recycle to maximise the sustainability of operations. Vehicles that aren’t safe for repair, and don’t contain reusable parts, are separated down into raw materials for recycling.

“For us, recycling is always the last remaining option,” adds Ray. “Avoiding waste is our priority, so if a vehicle or part can be reused for its intended purpose in its current form, that’s the route we’ll choose.”

Over the last two years, the business has helped clients avoid 5.5 million kilograms of CO2 through the supply of green parts alone – the equivalent CO2 of powering 662 homes for one year.

*Source – EuRIC AISBL – Metal Recycling Factsheet (2020)

SYNETIQ shortlisted for two awards in the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards


SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading integrated vehicle salvage, dismantling and recycling company, has been shortlisted in two categories at this year’s annual BusinessGreen Leaders Awards. 

The national awards ceremony is a celebration of the best of the green economy, bringing together many inspiring businesses and individuals that are striving towards a sustainable, net zero emission landscape. 

Headquartered on Bentley Moor Lane in Adwick-le-Street, SYNETIQ is a thriving Doncaster business, having made the final in three categories at the 2020 Doncaster Business Awards, as well as being included in Yorkshire Business Insider’s 50 Most Exciting Companies list for 2021. 

Now shortlisted in the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards’ Circular Economy Project of the Year and Leader of the Year categories, SYNETIQ is competing against photography giants Canon and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, with the winner of each category announced in London on 22nd September. 

The exciting news follows SYNETIQ’s announcement in May of ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’ – their mission to be the most trusted and sustainable business in its sector. This included commissioning a study into the true CO2 footprint of its operations, and the CO2 savings that can be achieved by using green parts in automotive repairs – highlighting the environmental benefits of integrated salvage and recycling. 

Over the last two years, the business has helped clients avoid 5.5 million KG of CO2 through the supply of green parts alone – the equivalent CO2 of powering 662 homes for one year. 

“SYNETIQ embodies the circular economy with a business model consistent with the waste hierarchy,” said CEO Tom Rumboll. “By utilising the four Rs approach of reduce, reuse, remanufacture and recycle, our integrated approach ensures that, where possible, vehicles are kept in life and, when they can’t be put back on the road, are compliantly dismantled to maximise reuse and minimise environmental impact.” 

“It’s amazing to be shortlisted. I’m extraordinarily proud of all the hard work that has brought us here and of our colleagues across the entire business, as we lead the way in creating a vehicle recycling industry we can all be proud of.” 

In June 2021, SYNETIQ became the first in its industry to achieve Bronze Carbon Literacy status. In achieving bronze status, SYNETIQ has proven its commitment to understanding carbon footprint as an organisation, to educate 40% of its workforce to become carbon literate, and to maintain a low carbon culture within all levels of the organisation. 

SYNETIQ helps local ladies’ netball club get back on court


SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading integrated vehicle salvage, dismantling and recycling business, has sponsored the Doncaster Rebels Netball Club. 

Established in 2013, the club aims to inspire and empower women through netball, social and community projects. But, after a string of national lockdowns that prevented close-contact sports clubs from getting together, the future of the club looked uncertain. 

“For many club members before COVID, netball was a 4-day a week hobby. During the height of the pandemic, when we were unable to train and couldn’t spend that quality hour for the game with our netball friends and family, it took a toll on our members’ mental health.” said Natalie Buckley, Club Chair and Head of HR at SYNETIQ. 

With a £500 donation from SYNETIQ, outdoor court space loaned by Hall Cross Academy and in line with England Netball and government guidance on social distancing and club sports, the club has been able to host a COVID-safe tournament to celebrate their return to the game and relaunch the Junior coaching sessions. To adapt to government guidance, the club purchased extra kit and sanitisation products to ensure complete adherence to the new rules, as well as renewing their insurance policy. 

In partnership with England Netball’s “Rise Again” campaign, the funds also contributed towards the coaching qualification cost for a new Juniors Coach for the club, who volunteers to help junior members develop socially and physically in their chosen sport. 

The club, based near SYNETIQ’s Doncaster headquarters, was brought to the company’s attention by Club Chair and SYNETIQ’s Head of HR, Natalie Buckley. It is one of many organisations in SYNETIQ’s operational areas to benefit from the business’s Colleague and Community forum. 

As part of a wide-reaching program of corporate social responsibility activity, the forum offers an opportunity for employees to put forward their ideas and vote on how best to support the causes and charities in their local communities. 

The Doncaster Rebels Netball Club are always looking for players of all ages. For more information, visit 

SYNETIQ joins the BVRLA as it continues its mission to lower emissions


SYNETIQ, Britain’s largest integrated salvage and dismantling company, has joined the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, as it continues its mission for greener and more sustainable motoring in the UK.

A trusted supplier to leading fleet operators as well as rental and lease companies, BVRLA membership furthers SYNETIQ’s plan to work collaboratively with policymakers, public sector agencies, regulators, and key stakeholders.

Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ, said: “The BVRLA is making great progress in its mission to ensure road transport delivers environmental and economic benefits, including the decarbonisation of vehicles. This aligns with SYNETIQ’s own sustainability roadmap, ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’, as well as key projects like Europe’s first EV processing and recycling centre.

“We’ve been able provide fleet clients with clear cost savings, as well as considerable environmental benefits, and our membership of such an influential association will help us work as part of a collective to deliver real change.”

Gerry Keaney, Chief Executive of the BVRLA, said: “We are delighted to welcome SYNETIQ as an Associate member of the BVRLA family and look forward to working with them as we continue to support the industry and drive road transport decarbonisation.”

As a leader in its sector, SYNETIQ is campaigning to highlight the environmental benefits of integrated salvage and recycling, which includes the reuse of green car parts and the significant CO2 savings that can be made through their use in vehicle repair.

Up to 70% cheaper when compared with new, OEM parts, green parts act as a like-for-like replacement and are already in use with key insurance providers, bodyshops and fleet operators.

Green parts are OEM, non-safety critical, quality-controlled parts, such as doors, bumpers, and lights, and are perfect for reuse on damaged-repairable vehicles. Centralised and decentralised stock management, as well as rapid distribution, means that fleets and operators can get vehicles back on the road more quickly, without relying on newly manufactured parts and with their significantly higher levels of CO2 emissions.

Later this year SYNETIQ will announce more details of the expansion to its Winsford site, establishing Europe’s first dedicated EV processing and recycling centre. Announced in 2020, the investment will provide a cutting-edge facility with specific areas for handling the separate stages of the process. As a centre of excellence, the site will also be able to provide high-quality certified training to other businesses, covering the safe handling of EV batteries and architecture, as the UK gears up for a shift to purely electric vehicles from 2035.

SYNETIQ has detailed its commitment to a more sustainable future with ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’ – SYNETIQs mission to be the most trusted and sustainable business in its sector. This included commissioning a study into the true CO2 footprint of its own activities, as well as the CO2 savings that can be achieved by using green parts in automotive repairs.

SYNETIQ invests in new technology to reduce carbon footprint


The new software, JobWatch, helps the Transport team reduce carbon emissions, driving efficiency through improved route planning.

SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated salvage and vehicle dismantling company, has invested in market-leading logistics planning software, in another strategic move towards leading the vehicle recycling industry.

The software from BigChange allows greater control of delivery and collection routes through integrated vehicle tracking. With SYNETIQ’s inhouse fleet of recovery vehicles and parts delivery vans, the software improves route planning and reduces unnecessary mileage.

Commenting on the new software, Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ said: “The BigChange technology will transform the way we plan logistics and is a key part of both our operational efficiency and our sustainability activities.”

“While we help our clients achieve CO2 savings through the use of our green parts, it is vital to our own internal sustainability goals that we minimise our own internal carbon footprint.”

“The software helps us to make sure that each of our fleet vehicles, wherever they are and whether they’re collecting or delivering, are optimised, keeping our emissions as low as they can be whilst ensuring we deliver to our SLAs for clients.”

Martin Port, Founder and CEO of BigChange commented: “We are privileged to work in partnership with SYNETIQ. This partnership reflects key pillars of both organisations’ visions: to use innovative solutions that improve efficiency, boost customer service and reduce the environmental impact of business.

“We are delighted that the BigChange technology platform has supported SYNETIQ’s growth.”

As well as helping the business to reduce the fleet’s carbon emissions, the adoption of the new software also serves as another step towards becoming paperless. JobWatch offers paperless workflows through digital job scheduling, customer invoicing and payment automation.

As part of its own internal sustainability strategy, SYNETIQ continues to ensure its own processes are as sustainable as possible. In May 2021 the organisation launched their ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’ initiative, stating their commitment to a more sustainable future.

Highfields Amateur Boxing Club saved from knockout following lockdown closure


A Doncaster boxing club, which helps young people around Adwick, Bentley and beyond, has been saved from the brink of closure – thanks to the support of a significant local business donation.

Edward Hardy (National Youth Belt Holder), Ray Curry (Operations Director, SYNETIQ), John Loosemore (Head Coach & Founder, Highfields ABC)

Since being established in 2001, the amateur club has trained people of all ages and skill levels, becoming a vital resource in the area. As well as taking boxers to English National Levels, the club has become a pillar of the community – aiding the mental health of young people and encouraging the importance of discipline and other life skills.

After a series of national lockdowns left the club on the ropes, coach John Loosemore launched an appeal in the local area.

“Since we started Highfields ABC over 20 years ago, we’ve always managed to generate our own income through memberships, shows and school visits. This is the first time we’ve ever had to launch an appeal like this, which shows how desperate we were.”

“We set ourselves a target of £2,500 – the amount needed to keep us afloat for the next six months – and hoped we could count on some local support.”

Thanks to a significant £2000 donation by SYNETIQ – the UK’s leading integrated vehicle salvage and recycling company based on Bentley Moor Lane – Highfields ABC has surpassed that target, and is now ready to take on 2021.

SYNETIQ’s donation will go towards the training and certification required by the ABA Governing body, such as First Aid and Child Safety, as well as COVID-19 safety measures.

“I really appreciate what SYNETIQ has done,” said John. “We’ve helped hundreds of kids over the years in Doncaster and the surrounding areas, and I’m pleased we can continue to do so. We’d like to thank everyone who has supported Highfields ABC.”

SYNETIQ achieves Carbon Literacy Accreditation


SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, has achieved a bronze accreditation from the Carbon Literacy Project. As the first company in the sector to have achieved the award, the Bronze accreditation further underlines SYNETIQ’s commitment to furthering sustainability. 

As a Bronze Carbon Literate Organisation, SYNETIQ has demonstrated an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis. 

Carbon Literacy accreditation forms an integral part of ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’, SYNETIQ’s new sustainability initiative and internal roadmap designed to lead the company towards increasing levels of sustainability and ultimately, to achieving carbon neutrality.  

As part of the program, SYNETIQ colleagues have been invited to undergo individual carbon literacy training. Over 130 colleagues across the business have already completed the bespoke training programme or have signed up to take part, with CEO Tom Rumboll being one of the first to become certified.

Tom has himself exchanged his ICE vehicle for an electric BMW i3, as well as installing a bank of chargers across all SYNETIQ sites to encourage other SYNETIQ staff to do the same.  

Tom said: “SYNETIQ is proud to be a bronze accredited member of the Carbon Literacy Project. While we help our clients to achieve significant COsavings through the sale and reuse of our green parts, it is integral to our sustainability goals that we minimise our own internal carbon footprint.” 

“As part of our internal sustainability strategy, we continue to ensure our own processes are as sustainable as our green parts. From carbon literacy training to   encouraging EV use, we remain committed to sustainability on all levels.”   

Commenting on the accreditation, Phil Korbel, Co-Founder of the Carbon Literacy Project said: “SYNETIQ’s environmental performance is no marginal issue, it’s central to the business, so it’s entirely fitting that they are the first Carbon Literate Organisation in their sector. Their Carbon Literacy Training – led from the top – is a tangible sign of their commitment to doing their bit to lessen the climate crisis. I’m sure it will inspire others across the sector and beyond to do the same.” 

27,899…27,900! SYNETIQ get squatting to raise £1,425 for housing and homelessness charity


Nine colleagues from the company’s Client team completed a ‘100 squats a day in May’ challenge – raising funds for housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated vehicle recycling company, continue their fundraising efforts by taking part in Shelter’s ‘100 squats a day in May’ challenge.

Nine colleagues from the Client team took on the super challenge for 31 days, completing 3,100 squats each -27,900 in total – and raised £1,425 for Shelter.

The charity, which helps people in housing need by providing advice and practical assistance, and fights for investment in housing and for laws and policies to improve the lives of homeless and badly housed people, expects the pressure on its frontline services to grow as the true impact of the pandemic is revealed.

With people’s incomes slashed, job losses mounting, and people hanging onto their homes by a thread, the charity says the pandemic has shown the inequalities in the UK’s housing system.

Charities are also receiving a boost thanks to SYNETIQ’s pound-for-pound match funding scheme. The scheme maximises the fundraising efforts of colleagues across the business by matching funds raised. In this case the team asked for their match funding to be donated to SYNETIQ’s chosen charity of the year, Macmillan Cancer Support.

The match funding scheme is one part of the company’s corporate social responsibility work. In 2020, SYNETIQ’s Colleague and Community forum was established, offering an opportunity for employees to put forward their ideas and vote on how best to support the causes and charities in their local communities.

SYNETIQ’s Guide to Green Parts: The foundations for sustainability


As part of ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’, SYNETIQ’s new sustainability initiative, the UK’s largest integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company has published an infographic on green parts use.

Designed to educate and inform the public on the sustainability benefits of green parts, the infographic forms part of the foundation of SYNETIQ’s commitment to sustainable motoring for all.

In one easily digested page, SYNETIQ explains Green Parts, how they’re sourced, their safety and how they help drive a more responsible route to car use.

As part of its ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’ program, SYNETIQ is involved in an ongoing campaign to continually educate the trade and motoring public on the benefits of Green Parts, while working towards becoming a carbon neutral company.

With a roster of household names as clients, including major insurers, accident management companies, fleets, police forces, logistics companies and vehicle repair bodyshops, the use of genuine OEM green parts produces less CO2 emissions than the manufacture of new replacement items. This negates the impact of manufacturing totally new parts, which require more energy, more raw materials and more cost, aligning perfectly with the waste hierarchy.

By raising awareness of the advantages of Green Parts, SYNETIQ aims to lower the cost of repairs for motorists as well as the environmental impact. By using safety-checked, pre-existing OEM parts, consumers make savings of up to 75% off OEM RRP on parts.

Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ said: “With major insurance groups such as Allianz now allowing private motorists to request Green Parts for their vehicle repairs, as well as fleet users, SYNETIQ is proud of the vast COsavings that it is helping to achieve across the industry.

“As part of our internal sustainability strategy, titled The Road to Tomorrow, SYNETIQ is investing heavily in ensuring that our own processes are as sustainable as our green parts. From carbon literacy training for employees, to increased EV use and even external educational programs for consumers, SYNETIQ is committed to a greener motoring future.”

SYNETIQ gets kids active through Cheshire BMX Club sponsorship


SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, has announced its sponsorship of the Cheshire Ghost Riders BMX Club.

Through match funding, SYNETIQ’s support will enable the club to buy leading technology that automatically times riders, opening the club up to opportunities to host regional races.

The volunteer-run club, which offers training for all skill levels from beginners to elite-level athletes, is gearing up for the first regional race of 2021 after a year of disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With lockdowns disrupting community clubs up and down the country, the club has been forced to postpone planned maintenance and other improvements to the track and equipment for members.

The sports team, based near the company’s Winsford site, was brought to SYNETIQs attention by Craig Griggs, a colleague at its Winsford site. It is one of many organisations to benefit from SYNETIQ’s Colleague and Community forum.

As part of a wide-reaching program of corporate social responsibility activity, the forum offers an opportunity for employees to put forward their ideas and vote on how best to support the causes and charities in their local communities.

SYNETIQ is always looking to support worthy causes, especially those which are important to its colleagues. After hearing how the club has benefited Craig and his children, the business found an opportunity to support it.

The club expected to spend another 12 months fundraising to buy the track decoder, but thanks to a SYNETIQ colleague’s insight into racing technology, they were able to source and afford an alternative.

Martin Brown, Coach and Chairman at Cheshire Ghost Riders BMX Club said: “We would like to say a massive thank you to SYNETIQ for the sponsorship of £1,250 towards a new transponder timing system that will allow us to run training sessions and racing.

“This system will aid the club’s progression, giving us split times from the start gate to the bottom of the hill and also full laps. This will help with trying out new techniques against the clock and seeing the riders’ progress over months of training.”

Martin has coached at the club since 2019 and has seen the club go from strength to strength after becoming chairman in March 2021, with many riders entering the world championship this year.

SYNETIQ marks World Environment Day by unveiling latest EV delivery van


SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading integrated salvage and vehicle dismantling company is marking World Environment Day with the launch of its new all electric green parts delivery van and the installation of EV charging points at its Doncaster site.

Amusingly nicknamed “St-EV Wonder,” the new Mercedes Benz e-Sprinter is serious first step towards an electric vehicle fleet for SYNETIQ’s fleet, and forms part of the company’s new internal sustainability initiative, named ‘The Road to Tomorrow.’

Powering the van will be a newly installed bank of EV charging points, which will provide on-site charging not only for SYNETIQ’s vans, but also for any employees to charge their own EV’s while at work. Now fully installed at the Doncaster site, similar charging points are being installed across all SYNETIQ sites in the coming weeks.

SYNETIQ CEO, Tom Rumboll, commented: “Unveiling our latest emissions-free parts van in celebration of World Environment Day underlines our ongoing commitment to sustainability. Of course, sustainability and the environment are important on more than just one day a year, so we introduced our ‘Road to Tomorrow’ strategy to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do as a company.”

With a current level of 95.3% of vehicles passed through SYNETIQ being fully recycled, and with green parts use contributing to an annual saving of 5,500,000 kgs of CO2e over the last two years, as well as a comprehensive road map towards achieving further carbon savings, SYNETIQ’s sustainability bar is already high. The Road to Tomorrow initiative ensures that the current levels will be seen as a base line to be improved via revised working practices, employee education and incentives.

Rumboll added “Our internal carbon literacy training program, the independently investigated carbon audit we carried out earlier in the year and host of other internal schemes are designed to educate and encourage us both as a company and as individuals to act in the most sustainable way possible, not just on World Environment Day, but every day going forwards. We’ve worked hard to understand the true CO2 savings we’re achieving each day, and the next step on Our Road to Tomorrow is demonstrating this to our clients and customers.”

SYNETIQ joins the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders


SYNETIQ, Britain’s largest integrated salvage and dismantling company, has joined the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) as it continues its mission to help build a sustainable future for motoring in the UK.

SMMT membership supports SYNETIQ’s plans to work collaboratively with the Automotive sector as a whole, supporting the business’ sustainability strategy.

Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ, said: “As a company, we’re changing how we talk with our customers and clients about the achievable financial and environmental benefits of using green parts. By working with the SMMT we will continue to learn and understand how we can work and support the entire automotive sector.”

As a member of SMMT working groups, such as Electric Vehicle, Aftermarket and Remanufacturing, the business hopes that by working closely with manufacturers, the industry can maximise the reuse and recycling potential of each vehicle, reducing CO2 emissions and material waste further.

As a leader in its sector, SYNETIQ has launched several key initiatives to highlight environmental benefits of integrated salvage and recycling. This includes training a large proportion of their colleagues on carbon literacy, as well as a study into the CO2 savings that can be achieved through the use of Green Parts in vehicle repair.

The use of Green Parts provides significant financial savings, with significantly less embedded carbon and roughly 50% lower cost than their newly manufactured equivalents. These OEM original parts – non-safety critical components such as doors, body panels and headlamps, are removed from damaged vehicles – then graded, cleaned, safety checked and issued with a certificate of conformity. These parts are then supplied to key insurance providers, bodyshops and fleet operators.

Last year SYNETIQ also announced its plans to expand and invest in its Winsford site, as the UK gears up for a shift to purely electric vehicles from 2035. Establishing Europe’s first dedicated EV processing and recycling centre, the site will not only handle existing and future generations of EVs, but also operate as a centre of excellence and provide certified training to other businesses in the safe handling of EV batteries and architecture.

SYNETIQ is the largest ebay seller of used car and motorcycle parts in the UK, and its approach for accurately cataloging and describing each part means buyers can quickly find what they need. With 150,000+ components online now, and up to 10,000 new items added every month, it’s become a valuable resource for private owners.

SYNETIQ saddle up for charity bike ride


Dave Bradley, Ecommerce Sales Manager embarked on the challenge in a bid to raise funds for SYNETIQ’s chosen charity for 2021, Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Beyond Lincolnshire Sportive bike ride is SYNETIQ’s first fundraising event of the year for Macmillan. Together, the pair raised £770.

Dean Richards, Finance Planning & Analysis Manager also took up the challenge joining Dave in spirit and racking up the miles on the roads closer to home in Cheshire.

Tom Rumboll, CEO at SYNETIQ said: “We’re proud to support deserving charities. Macmillan has helped so many families through the toughest of times which is why our people voted to support this amazing cause.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people living with cancer has been significant, explained Amy Hebdon, Relationship Fundraising Manager at Macmillan. “There are almost 3 million people living with cancer in the UK and they are facing increasing evidence about the impact of Covid-19 on cancer – at diagnosis, during treatment and at the end of life. Many of them will need information and support, now more than ever.

We’re delighted SYNETIQ employees chose Macmillan Cancer Support as their charity for 2021. Without the support of companies like SYNETIQ, we wouldn’t be here to help these people when they really need us.”

SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated vehicle recycling company, voted to support Macmillan back in March 2021, and it is just one of the many organisations that benefit from the good work that SYNETIQ’s Colleague and Community forum carry out.

The forum, which meets each month, offers an opportunity for colleagues to put forward ideas and vote on how best to support the charities and causes in their local communities.

SYNETIQ’s teams have walked, cycled and even skydived to raise money for third sector organisations, and the business promises a ‘pound for pound’ scheme for all colleagues, matching the total raised by individuals for charity up to the value of £500.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a priority for SYNETIQ and the next fundraising activity takes place over the summer. Over 40 colleagues across the business have signed up to Tough Mudder 2021, a punishing mud run and obstacle course.

Our Road to Tomorrow: SYNETIQ shares CO2 impact of integrated vehicle recycling


SYNETIQ, Britain’s largest integrated salvage and dismantling company, has re-stated its commitment to a more sustainable future. With growing green parts usage, and an increased focus on corporate and social responsibility, SYNETIQ is leading the way in creating a sustainable future for motoring, a journey that SYNETIQ has termed ‘Our Road to Tomorrow.’

As one of the  foundations for this initiative, SYNETIQ has commissioned a study into the true Carbon footprint of its own activities, as well as the CO2e savings that can be achieved through the use of its green parts in automotive repairs. The study, carried out by independent circular economy consultancy Oakdene Hollins, has revealed the true environmental benefits of using green components rather than brand new OEM parts..

By taking into account the parts supplied annually by SYNETIQ to the Insurance and fleet repairer network, the carbon savings are staggering. In the last two years alone, SYNETIQ estimates that it has saved 5,500,000 kgs of CO2e emissions*.

This saving is the equivalent to:

  • A year’s electricity for 1000 homes
  • 3,094,410 litres of burned petrol – over two years of an average family car use in the UK.

Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ, said: “We are very excited about our Carbon Saving Calculator project. It’s a key part of our ongoing sustainability strategy. By understanding the precise carbon savings  of each part we sell for reuse,, we can share data to support our clients in meeting their own sustainability targets.

It also drives the focus on our own internal processes  to keep improving these savings. We have known the advantages to green parts for a long time and with this accurate and independent measurement we can tell our clients exactly what their use means to them.”

With the largest and most diverse stock of green parts for most vehicles in the UK, bodyshops, fleet and insurance companies   can not only save the environment and money, but also time. SYNETIQ’s stock management systems and rapid delivery mean that vehicle down-time is minimised, getting vehicles back on the road faster, for less. 

In addition, SYNETIQ is the largest seller of green car and motorcycle parts via ebay in the UK, and its approach for accurately cataloguing and describing each part means buyers can quickly find what they need.

With 150,000+ green parts online now, and up to 10,000 new items added every month, SYNETIQ’s ebay store is a valuable resource for private owners and independent garages). In the next phase of this project, SYNETIQ will explore the Carbon savings it has achieved by supplying these end-user  customers.

New digital platform automates green parts for collision repair.


  • mygreenparts the first automated solution for the insurance and vehicle repair sectors
  • Platform only offers parts matching repair standards and insurance requirements.
  • The initiative supports sustainable repairs.

Integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company SYNETIQ and insurance provider Allianz have launched the mygreenparts digital platform that will boost vehicle repairers’ ability to source green parts.

Digitally integrating the supply of more environmentally friendly components, mygreenparts provides a drastically simplified purchasing process for repairers – saving both time and money. A major initiative in a more sustainable future for body and mechanical repairs, it’s a significant step towards a circular economy for the sector.

Nick Rossiter, motor damage strategy manager, Allianz Claims, commented: “Through their long partnership, Allianz and SYNETIQ have worked together on an ethical and sustainable approach to vehicle salvage. The mygreenparts platform allows a seamless process for our repairers to purchase green parts, benefitting our customers, repair network and the planet.”

Cheaper, faster, greener

Allowing repairers to use their existing software system to generate an estimate for a vehicle repair, mygreenparts automatically notifies SYNETIQ’s stock control system of the parts required – within the guidelines agreed with Allianz. This enables SYNETIQ to offer all matching items from its inventory of over 200,000 green parts. SYNETIQ only supplies non-safety critical green parts to be fitted, such as doors, body panels and headlamps. Parts have been graded, cleaned, safety checked and come with a declaration certificate of parts conformity, BS 10125.

Significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly, green parts contain less embedded carbon and cost up to 75% less than their newly manufactured equivalent. Guaranteeing that quality standards are maintained, SYNETIQ dismantles category B vehicles for Allianz and ensures they are processed responsibly, with component inspection and full traceability.

Mygreenparts will enable repairers, insurers, and fleets to measure and report the emissions and carbon savings they achieve through this climate conscious approach. Captured data can be used to identify trends and enhance fulfilment rates. The development of the mygreenparts platform is expected to increase the proportion of green parts used in vehicle repairs.

SYNETIQ ensures all Category B vehicles are dismantled on site, rather than being re-sold to third parties – a fundamental stipulation for Allianz, and a key example of SYNETIQ putting compliance at the forefront of its operations.

By guaranteeing that unsafe vehicles are permanently removed from the roads, and not sold for reuse in other markets, SYNETIQ and Allianz demonstrate a shared approach to sustainable and ethical salvage, which is not focussed on revenue generation.

Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ, added: “As the only truly integrated supplier of green parts on a national scale, we’re able to handle the complete process of vehicle salvage and dismantling from start to finish. Further enhancing our leading green parts proposition to our valued insurer clients, via repairers, it is a great step forward in our common goal of automated and sustainable motoring solutions.”

Insurers and fleet operators currently using SYNETIQ’S mygreenfleet system will be able to migrate to the new platform, and benefit from time and CO2 savings, while the development of mygreenparts allows it to integrate with other Bodyshop management systems and reach a wider audience.

Neale Laker joins SYNETIQ as Green Parts Director


SYNETIQ is excited to announce the appointment of Neale Laker, who has joined the business in the new role of Green Parts Director.

As Green Parts Director, Neale is responsible for all parts sales and each of SYNETIQs parts retail channels – from items supplied through SYNETIQs mygreenparts portal to insurers and fleets, to those sold over the counter to the public.

As the business gears up for a new growth phase within the green parts sector, Neale’s role will be instrumental in ensuring SYNETIQ can meet increasing demand from clients and customers.

Neale brings over 35 years’ experience from the Automotive industry across 5 continents, covering sales, technical, and operations roles, having previously worked for Tesla, Saab and General Motors.

As the only truly integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, SYNETIQ works with insurance and fleet clients to reduce the environmental impact of collision repair – by resupplying perfectly good parts from salvage vehicles back into clients’ supply chain.

Not only does the use of green parts negate CO2 emissions generated by manufacturing, items are also significantly cheaper than the equivalent new OEM.

The news follows the recent announcement of ‘The Road to Tomorrow’ – SYNETIQs plan to be the most sustainable and responsible business in the vehicle recycling industry, with an ambitious goal of being carbon neutral in the next few years.

Neale Laker said: “I am delighted to be joining the winning team here at SYNETIQ. We have clearly defined goals as a business, which I am supremely confident we can achieve. I am very excited to engage with all my team and collaborate closely to achieve amazing things. We need to grasp this opportunity and set the industry standard for Green parts across all channels.”

Tom Rumboll, CEO at SYNETIQ, said: “Neale is the right person, in the right role at the right time, where attracting someone of Neale’s calibre is a statement of both the quality of our business today, and our ambitions for the future.”

Collection of iconic British classics to go under the hammer with SYNETIQ


  • Stunning private collection of British classics is up for grabs via SYNETIQ online auction
  • Jaguar XK120, Austin ‘Downton’ Mini Cooper S and iconic fast Fords available
  • Collection for sale as part of the regeneration of the Winsford Site into a centre of excellence for EV dismantling
  • Bidding now live, and will end Friday, May 28th

The cars are the stars as the Winsford collection goes under the hammer via the SYNETIQ auction platform. A total of 25 iconic cars of all eras are up for sale, but the five star lots are sure to attract a bidding frenzy.

Coming from the private museum based at the SYNETIQ Winsford site, the ‘Winsford Collection’ includes some 25 cars ranging from fast Fords, to rare Jaguars and a vast selection of classic Minis. With most vehicles emerging following years of dry storage, each is ready to be recommissioned and returned to the road. Much of the selection includes cars that can be viewed as investment projects requiring light restoration.

SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, announced its intention to expand and invest in its Winsford site last year, in order to open a new cutting-edge facility for processing electric vehicles (EVs) – the first of its kind in Europe.

Five lots from the sale in particular are attracting attention from collectors and enthusiasts:

1953 Jaguar XK120 OTS. Finished in British Racing Green, and running on period-correct wire wheels and cross-ply tyres, this XK120 has been prepared to a fast-road and mild competition specification. Featuring a roll bar, aero screens, fire extinguisher, harnesses and an external ignition cut-off, this Jaguar is ready for touring, historic rallies or racing.

1964 Austin Mini Cooper S, Downton tuned with a Radford interior.

This ultra-rare, early example of the Austin Mini Cooper S is possibly unique. As a 1964 model, it features the larger 1071cc A series engine, with servo assisted disk brakes, but does not feature the twin fuel tanks of the later cars. Tuned even further by the period mini experts, Downton Engineering, this mini also features a bespoke interior by the leading British coachbuilders, Harold Radford & Co. With deeper seats, trimmed in Connolly leather and a walnut dashboard with matching door cappings, lovers of the swinging sixties and motorsport need look no further.

1971 Ford Escort Mexico. Launched in celebration of its victory at the London-Mexico World Rally Championship in 1970, the Escort Mexico has become one of the most sought-after examples of the type. Finished in Daytona yellow, and featuring quad Cibie spotlights at the front and diamond-cut minilite alloy wheels, this Escort is in an eye-catching specification. With just 103,000 miles shown on the odometer, this is ready for a serious collector to own and enjoy.

1989 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. Finished in diamond white, with an unmarked grey velour interior, this example shows just 38,000 miles on the odometer. With buyers finding it increasingly hard to find unmolested, original examples of these turbo-charged 80’s super saloons, this Sierra Sapphire has already caught the eye of serious collectors of the marque.

1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth. For fans of the turbo-charged road versions of the group A rally cars, there are few more iconic cars than the Escort RS Cosworth. With a 2-litre, turbo charged engine, permanent four-wheel drive, ample downforce thanks to the whale-tale rear spoiler, the Escort RS Cosworth was built for speed. This early example, featuring optional leather seats, electric windows and with a manual sunroof, is finished in a deep Mallard Green having benefitted from some subtle enhancements. Compomotive alloy wheels, and an upgrade to AP Racing brakes are both period correct, and also reversible, should the new owner desire a factory-spec vehicle.

All vehicles are offered for sale via SYNETIQ’s online auction platform. Bidding is now live, and will end on Friday May 28th. Registration for SYNETIQs auction costs £50+VAT per year, and can be accessed via this link.

Chance Changing Lives and SYNETIQ work together to drive down homelessness, hunger and poverty


Chance Changing Lives is delighted to have worked in collaboration with SYNETIQ to enable the purchase of an electric Nissan NV200 van.

SYNETIQ, the UKs largest integrated salvage and green parts provider, has been instrumental in helping deliver an electric van to Crewe based Chance Changing Lives (CCL), a leading charity that utilise surplus food to feed families in need. 

SYNETIQ’s contribution, along with the generous support of Medicash and The Guinness Partnership, allows CCL to use the electric Nissan NV200 as part of a shared ownership agreement. Ensuring the charity can provide food to all members and guests, and meet a wider need through local charity connections, the use of the EV allows CCL to hit one of its sustainability objectives.

Chance Changing Lives supports local people through the collection and redistribution of over 500kg of surplus food from local supermarkets each week. Together with SYNETIQ it recognises the link between climate change and the threat of current and future homelessness, disease, food and water shortages. With poverty effecting millions of people around the world, both CCL and SYNETIQ are committed to environmentally responsible.

SYNETIQ’s clients include some of the UK’s largest fleets and insurance companies and, by recycling end of life vehicles and resupplying non-safety-related, reusable parts back into the repair sector, helps them to operate a more sustainable business.

John Schofield, Executive Director at SYNETIQ said: “We’re proud to support such an important local charity with a more environmentally friendly vehicle, in way that mirrors the vision of SYNETIQ and CCL to lead the way in sustainability.”

Michele Parks, chair of Chance Changing Lives said: “Without the help of John Schofield and the SYNETIQ team, we would not have been able to own a vehicle. This will make a huge difference to us, enabling us to continue meeting the needs of our community and going further to provide more. The opportunity to use an electric van was very important to us as we recognise our responsibility in reducing our carbon footprint.”

Serving between 10-30% of the most deprived wards in the UK, CCL covers some of poorest and hardest to reach people have been the massively impacted by COVID-19. During the pandemic the charity has supported 120+ families at its Community Pantry, whilst its homeless kitchen continued serving over 50 vulnerable people each Saturday with a superb hot meal. 

SYNETIQ secures continued partnership with Covéa Insurance for Salvage and Green Parts


SYNETIQ is delighted to announce it has renewed its multi-year agreement with Covéa Insurance, to continue providing salvage management and green parts supply across the UK. SYNETIQ shares Covéa’s values and strategic alignment, which are the primary reasons for the success of the partnership.

Alastair Sherwin, Claims Motor Engineers Manager at Covéa Insurance, said “SYNETIQ’s values of care, simplicity and integrity align perfectly with our own vision, and we’ve stood side by side throughout the pandemic to continue helping our customers.

“SYNETIQ are transparent, reliable and friendly to deal with, with high standards in compliance, GDPR protection and ISO accreditation. We’re also impressed with the way they’re investing in the future, as we all strive towards becoming more sustainable.” Continued Alastair.

Simon Schofield, Client Director at SYNETIQ, said: “Having worked with Covéa on designing and implementing new processes, I am delighted that our excellent relationship has been recognised with a new agreement. Our recent investments in new technology, reporting and processes are in-line with our corporate strategy. As we look to the future, we will be focusing on providing a great service, with sustainability at the core.”

SYNETIQ has recently implemented new storage and recovery processes, along with document and key management, to maximise efficiency and customer experience for Covéa and its policyholders.

SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, recently announced a new, state-of-the-art facility for processing electric vehicles at its Winsford site. As the UK heads towards a ban on new petrol and diesel car sales by 2030, SYNETIQ is gearing up its capacity to process new vehicle technology at scale.

Covéa Insurance is part of the French mutual insurance group Covéa and was established in the UK over 60 years ago. It offers a range of insurance services, including commercial, motor, property and protection, as well as life and critical illness cover.

Our brand-new and improved customer Web Chat


SYNETIQ has successfully launched a new class leading, innovative live Web Chat – meaning its quicker and easier than ever to reach SYNETIQs Parts and Salvage Auction teams. The new technology is part of SYNETIQs investment plan, supporting its focus on delivering great customer experience.

The Zendesk platform has been used for the new Web Chat, replacing the system which was rolled out in record time by SYNETIQ shortly after the COVID-19 lockdown. Although the outgoing system was still performing effectively, the business still identified room for improvement.

“Since we introduced Web Chat in April 2020, the system has handled most of our customer contact for auction, parts sales and customer service, wheels & tyres, sell my car, and mygreenfleet,” says Dave Harcourt, IT Director at SYNETIQ.

“As a team, we are all focused on improving the experience we give to our customers and clients. We’ve recently celebrated improvements in our Trustpilot score and reductions in our response time to customers, and we don’t want to stop there.”

Zendesk is used by lots of household names including Uber, Tesco, Airbnb, Vodafone, and Netflix. As the UK’s leading integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, SYNETIQ says the system is perfectly suited to its requirements and growth ambitions.

“Our Sales & Service team can now handle web chat, email, social media, and WhatsApp contact, meaning customers can contact us in the best way for them,” continues Dave.

“We already have a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on our website, but the new version will use automation to offer answers to common queries, helping our customers find the answer they need as swiftly as possible. We have also introduced FAQs in the three most common foreign languages of our customers – Polish, Greek, and Romanian.”

The business will now move to the next stage of customer experience improvements and is expected to reveal further investments later this Spring.

SYNETIQs new Web Chat feature can be found by visiting and using the green ‘Help’ button at the top right of the homepage.

Maserati engines, Ford lights and KTM calipers: The wonderful world of SYNETIQ’s ebay store


Whether you’re looking for a replacement engine for your supercar, or that bit of bumper trim for a Renault, SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading vehicle salvage and recycling company, has you covered for used car and motorcycle spares.

Increasingly private buyers are keeping their vehicles moving by purchasing parts from SYNETIQ’s stock of original car and motorcycle items online, with the peace of mind that each part has been thoroughly inspected and has full traceability back to the donor vehicle. The majority of parts come with a six-month warranty and even the hassle of shipping is sorted, with free delivery on most items.

As the largest seller of used car and motorcycle parts via ebay in the UK, SYNETIQ’s approach to accurately cataloguing and describing each part means it’s the best place to start your search. With 150,000 (and growing) components online now, and up to 10,000 new items added every month, it’s a treasure trove for car enthusiasts, hobby mechanics, restorers and even modifiers.

Prices start at just £5, and the majority of parts are listed as buy it now items – ensuring you get what you need as quickly as possible for the right price.

Five finds on SYNETIQ’s ebay store

  1. 2011 Maserati GranTurismo engine – £7250
  2. 2018 Ducati Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak engine – £2990
  3. Five Land Rover Defender Boost alloy wheels/tyres – £800
  4. 2003 VW Transporter T5 WAECO CR50 fridge – £310 (bid)
  5. 2006 Ford Transit, passenger door mirror glass – £10

Faster and greener parts for any car

Although well known for servicing the UK auto repair trade, SYNETIQ’s used vehicle parts are also available for purchase by private customers and, with a growing number of vehicle makes and models processed each month, you shouldn’t have to search for long to find what you’re looking for.

In addition to buying genuine and inspected used parts for a lot less than the brand new equivalent, buyers are also helping the environment and lowering CO2 emissions by fitting parts that have already been manufactured.

Supercars and luxury saloons are just as much a part of the inventory as more common vehicles and in the last 12 months alone, engines and drivetrains from Bentley, Maserati, McLaren and Porsche have been sold for re-use alongside the more popular items such as door mirrors and lamp clusters for family cars from Ford, SEAT and Vauxhall.

Dave Bradley, Ecommerce Manager at SYNETIQ said “The sale of parts through ebay has really taken off over the last few years, but we saw a phenomenal jump during the first lockdown in 2020. With people at home, and spare time on their hands, they cracked on with repairing or upgrading their cars. We’re seeing sales grow every month and are working to add even more parts to the store every week.”

New EV-dismantling facility helps SYNETIQ to enhance sustainable motoring solutions


A multimillion-pound investment by SYNETIQ, Britain’s largest integrated salvage and recycling company, will ready its Winsford site into the UK’s first facility with dedicated EV and Hybrid dismantling capability. The investment will provide EV-specific equipment such as depollution ramps and quarantine areas for the handling of compromised battery packs at the facility, which is already manned by extensively EV-trained specialists.

“We have seen a steady year-on-year rise in the number of electric and hybrid vehicles brought in for end-of-life processing; as the race for reduced emissions intensifies and these vehicles become both older and more commonplace, demand for their associated green parts will continue to increase,” explains Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ.

“Technologies and manufacturing techniques will continue to evolve, but the need to reuse and recycle vehicles will remain. Now is the perfect time to invest in our ability to efficiently process EVs and prepare for increased future demand.”

Figures released by the company mirror the growing popularity of EVs and results of external studies. According to data from GoCompare, the Toyota Prius is the UK’s most accident-prone car, being involved in 111 incidents for every 10,000 examples on the road. This correlates directly with SYNETIQ’s data; since 2015 the Mk2 Prius has been both SYNETIQ’s most frequently processed hybrid and most popular green parts donor vehicle.

Battery packs are currently the most popular – and highest value – component reused from EVs and Hybrids by SYNETIQ. “The emergence of advanced powertrain technologies, operating high voltage systems and posing EV-specific risks such as thermal runaway, has altered best practice for the way they are treated, handled and stored,” states Rumboll.

“Vehicle end-of-life consideration has the potential to provide significant emissions savings that complement gains in reducing exhaust gas emissions; adapting our Winsford site is the first step in ensuring an efficient dismantling process that helps reduce the cost of keeping EVs on the road for longer,” he concludes.

“By utilising the four Rs approach of Reduce, Reuse, Remanufacture and Recycle, SYNETIQ operates a fully integrated approach to ensuring that, where possible, vehicles are kept in life and, when they can’t be put back on the road, their parts are compliantly dismantled to maximise reuse and minimise environmental impact.”

National Apprenticeship Week: SYNETIQ invests in the future


To mark National Apprenticeship Week, SYNETIQ is reflecting on its own apprenticeship success stories in three areas of the business.

The UK’s leading integrated salvage and vehicle recycler now employs apprentices in Human Resources, IT and Vehicle Dismantling, with colleagues developing important skills through on-the-job training.

As a business with an annual pay bill above the Government’s £3 million threshold, SYNETIQ pays the Apprenticeship Levy. This fund can be used to pay apprenticeship wages and training providers, allowing companies to nurture and invest in future talent.

Natalie Buckley, Head of HR at SYNETIQ, said: “We’re always looking at ways to maximise the Apprenticeship Levy for our existing workforce and potential new employees. Like many businesses, each of our departments rely on a wide range of colleagues with different skills, so there are so many opportunities on offer for Apprentices.”

SYNETIQ is also supplying donations of vehicles and parts to Colleges and Vocational Learning Centres in areas local to its site, including Hall Cliffe School Wakefield, Yorkshire Children’s Centre, Bromley Beacon Academy and Reaseheath College.

Vocational schools offer students a more hands-on approach to learning, teaching practical skills in preparation for the next steps into further education or work. By supporting Motor Vehicle colleges, SYNETIQ is helping to reduce the skills shortage within the industry – with the vision that the students it supports can one day join the SYNETIQ team.

In November 2020, SYNETIQ supplied vehicle parts to Bodyshop students within the NPTC Group of Colleges – Wales’ largest training centre for vocational students. The college currently has 50 students completing its Automotive Refinishing & Body Repair course, learning skills such as panel repair, paintwork and polishing.

John Ellis, Motor Vehicle Tutor at Yorkshire Children’s Centre, said. “I want to thank everyone at SYNETIQ for their help and cooperation in supporting the Yorkshire Children’s Centre at the Brian Jackson College. Without the help of companies like SYNETIQ, it would not be possible to offer high quality vocational training that the industry now expects.”

Listen to the Depollution Podcast with our CEO, Tom Rumboll


Click here to listen now

Hear SYNETIQ’s new CEO, Tom Rumboll, give his fascinating insight into the next steps for vehicle processing, the future of automotive recycling, and how SYNETIQ will continue to lead the industry in the future.

Covering a huge range of interesting subjects, Tom gives the background to the merger of four separate businesses which led to the creation of SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company. Tom lends his considerable knowledge to this podcast, including his predictions for the future of the industry, and personal transportation as a whole.

‘Depollution, by Salvage Wire,’ is a podcast dedicated to the interesting and inspiring leaders in the vehicle salvage and vehicle recycling industry. In the episode recorded 8th January, Tom discusses the career path that led him to his role as the newly appointed CEO the UK’s leading salvage company. He shares the insights he has gained over the course of his, which spans more than 20 years, both from a personal, and a business perspective.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone keen to gain the insiders view of a crucial industry, from one of its youngest, most inspiring leaders.

Click here to listen now.

SYNETIQ BMW Motorrad riding to victory in 2021


SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, is proud to continue its role as title sponsor of TAS Racing for the 2021 British Superbike Championship season, under the banner of SYNETIQ BMW Motorrad.

For the second successive season, SYNETIQ BMW Motorrad will be the official BMW team in the race series. With top rider Andrew Irwin having joined fellow track star Danny Buchan on the team at the end of 2020, SYNETIQ BMW Motorrad is taking to the track in 2021 with a fresh livery, top riders and an eye on pole position.

As part of a wide-reaching program of support and sponsorship across different forms of motorsport, the headline sponsorship of a leading team in the British Super Bike Championship will see SYNETIQ put its ethos of leading through excellence into action yet again, on two wheels as well as four.

Commenting on the renewed support of the team, Richard Martin, Chairman of SYNETIQ, said: “We are proud to be the headline sponsor of this great team for the second season in a row. With the backing of the hard work, dedication and support of the wider SYNETIQ BMW team, I can’t wait to see what Andrew Irwin and Danny Buchan can achieve on the track 2021.”

As the largest integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, formed to create the most innovative and trusted business in the industry, SYNETIQ is proud to have major household names in its portfolio. These include insurers, accident management companies, fleets, police forces, logistics companies, vehicle repair bodyshops, and remanufacturers. In 2021, its name will be found at the sharp end of the grid.

Team Principal of SYNETIQ BMW Motorrad, Philip Neill explained: “We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our partners and we are naturally delighted to retain SYNETIQ as our title partner for the second year in 2021, which will also be our seventh consecutive year together with BMW Motorrad. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone in many ways and we are excited at the prospects of the 2021 BSB season with two very exciting young riders and the new BMW M1000 RR.”

SYNETIQ makes Yorkshire Business Insider’s 50 Most Exciting Companies list for 2021


SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest UK-integrated salvage and vehicle recycling company, is delighted to have been included in the prestigious Yorkshire Business Insider list of the 50 Most Exciting Companies in the region.

Celebrating the companies that display outstanding initiative, ingenuity, and innovation, those lauded are the businesses ‘primed to make a big difference in the near future’ and destined to become household names.

Headquartered in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, SYNETIQ has recently made headlines with significant investment in its sites and infrastructure. In December the business announced a 25-acre expansion of two of its Doncaster sites, integrating them to create one new industry-leading operation.

The company is also innovating, in line with the Government’s announcement of a ban on conventionally powered cars by 2030, with plans for a new centre of excellence for electric vehicle recycling at its Winsford site. The first of its kind in the country, it will form an invaluable resource as the UK gears up for a shift to zero-emissions vehicles by 2035.

Speaking of the news, SYNETIQ’s recently appointed CEO, Tom Rumboll, said: “We’re immensely proud to have made the Yorkshire Business Insider 50 Most Exciting Companies list.  It is a reflection of the progress we have made since SYNETIQ was created and the focus we place on not only the company, but also our people . . 2020 presented challenges, but we’ve emerged stronger and ready to seize the opportunities that 2021 presents. we have deep and broad roots in Yorkshire, and we see our home a vital part of who we are.”

In addition to the Yorkshire Business Insider announcement, SYNETIQ is also currently a finalist in three categories for Doncaster Business Awards 2020/21, which will be unveiled as part of a ground-breaking digital event in March.

SYNETIQ introduces revolutionary new HSBC Open Payments platform


SYNETIQ has revolutionised its payment processes for its auction customers by implementing HSBC’s Open Payments platform.

The UK’s largest vehicle salvage and recycling company is the first in its sector to introduce the new platform, marking the latest improvement in customer experience for vehicle buyers.

The new platform allows SYNETIQ to send payment requests for auction purchases direct to the customer’s bank, with values and references set automatically, which means funds can be transferred directly between banks – a first within the salvage industry.

This will drastically cut administration time for SYNETIQ and its customers and eliminate the chances of incorrect or misplaced payments.

As a major development that offers secure online money transfers, Open Payments dramatically improves the payment process for SYNETIQ’s vehicle salvage auction customers. It also streamlines the firm’s accounting processes, while bringing ease of use and peace of mind to customers.

HSBC Open Payments delivers regulated access and control of consumer banking and financial accounts through third-party applications with greater accountability. The introduction of the payment process by SYNETIQ provides both seller and buyer with improved cashflow and cash management.

Jonathan Pervin, SYNETIQ’s Financial Controller commented: “We are proud to be at the forefront of this latest technology. Through our collaboration with HSBC on the implementation of this new platform, SYNETIQ is able to offer the most secure payment system possible to our customers. The automation of internal processes that this enables will increase the efficiency of our service for our customers.”

The Open Payments platform was trialled by SYNETIQ and a few of its customers in December and, after unanimous approval, is being rolled out to all customers who purchase vehicles directly from SYNETIQ.

Open Payments is compatible with more than 40 major banks and, with coverage from most of the UK’s domestic banks already in place, customers can enjoy faster payments with added peace of mind.

Alongside the increased security offered by the system, this has allowed SYNETIQ to integrate the payment platform into its wider systems, automating many processes at the same time. Invoicing, payment-matching and fund clearance are now handled seamlessly by SYNETIQ’s own proprietary Frontier software.

The leading stock control software package for green parts management, Frontier Dismantling provides cloud-based stock control for hundreds of thousands of green parts and, although owned and developed by SYNETIQ, is widely used across the vehicle salvage and dismantling industry.

Frontier Salvage is the core salvage management system, also utilised across the industry. The software handles everything from insurance related contracts and vehicle uplifts, through to vehicles sales and recycling. Both Frontier systems are designed to make it as quick and easy as possible to process vehicles and parts.

With Open Payments, SYNETIQ is once again leading the industry. Offering improved customer experience and allowing new revenue streams, it helps provide a more sustainable service model. Jonathan Pervin added: “The launch of Open Payments with HSBC shows that SYNETIQ continues to innovate across all aspects of our business, driving the industry forward through compliance, customer experience and increased simplicity across operations. We continue to strive towards continual improvement in all of these areas.”

SYNETIQ appoints Tom Rumboll as its new CEO


SYNETIQ has announced that, as of the 1st January, current Executive Chairman Tom Rumboll has moved to become the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. Tom now takes overall responsibility for the performance of the business and its people.

Richard Martin, current Managing Director, will take up the role of Chairman; bringing many years’ of knowledge and experience as a key figure in the salvage and vehicle recycling industry.

Tom joined the team as Executive Chairman upon the formation of SYNETIQ, having played a pivotal role in the merger that created the market-leading salvage and vehicle recycling business.

Having spent the last 20 months focusing on integration, people, processes and proposition, whilst enhancing the governance of the well managed business, Tom has worked with the teams to develop better structure, measurement, planning and communication. His background in large PLCs, regulated industries and high growth businesses has proved valuable for SYNETIQ and the business is now poised for its next phase of growth.

The rest of the SYNETIQ Executive board remains unchanged, retaining the valued industry knowledge of John Schofield and Dave Harcourt, as well as Leigh Manton who joined as Finance Director in September 2019.

Richard Martin, Chairman of SYNETIQ, said: “My fellow shareholders and I know that Tom is the right person to take the SYNETIQ business forward as we enter our next phase of growth. He has our full support as we continue to work together as a strong team, making our vision of creating a vehicle recycling industry we can all be proud of a reality.”

Tom Rumboll said: “It is a real honour that the SYNETIQ shareholders trust me to head the business they have led so well for so long. The last few years of creating and subsequently integrating SYNETIQ have been a fantastic experience, and one that has identified a number of hugely exciting opportunities for the company. I feel privileged to lead the fantastic team of this very special business to a successful, sustainable and exciting future.”

SYNETIQ brings Christmas cheer to well deserving national charity


SYNETIQ has been spreading Christmas cheer in the final run up to the holidays, by completing its last round of fundraising for The Sick Children’s Trust – raising over £7,000 in total.

Photo taken in 2019

Despite the company’s usual fundraising being disrupted by COVID, the SYNETIQ team got its charity work back on track with a series of virtual and remote activities that promoted individual challenges and encouraged people to donate.

With ten ‘Homes from Home’ around the country, The Sick Children’s Trust give families with a seriously ill child in hospital a warm and comfortable place to stay, and a friendly ear to listen, when they need it most.

“It’s not been an easy year for anyone, but we’re proud to have been able to carry on with our work in supporting deserving charities,” explains Tom Rumboll, Executive Chairman of SYNETIQ. “As a business we focused on adapting to the new and challenging work environment and, with many team members classed as key workers, we soon realised that we could approach fundraising in the same pragmatic way.”

The Sick Children’s Trust wants to keep families together by their child’s hospital bedside, and a donation of £30 can do that. Elisa Cappello-Dowd, Community Fundraising Manager at The Sick Children’s Trust said, “Having a seriously ill child is an incredibly worrying time and by giving families a place to stay it means they have one less thing to worry about.

“This year has been a challenging year for everyone, but especially families with children in hospital. As a charity, The Sick Children’s Trust has kept its doors open to these families to keep them together and support has never been needed more. We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at SYNETIQ for choosing to take on a fundraising event for our charity, and helping us to keep families together.”

SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest vehicle salvage and recycling company, has supported the Sick Children’s Trust since 2019, and it’s just one of many charities and organisations that benefit from SYNETIQs Colleague and Community forum. This allows colleagues to vote on establishing the best use of the annual charity budget, and provides an opportunity for everyone to put forward their own initiatives for discussion.

SYNETIQs teams have walked, cycled and even skydived in order to drive donations for local and national organisations, and the business promises a ‘pound for pound’ scheme for all colleagues, matching the total raised by individuals for charity up to the value of £500.

Corporate Social Responsibility has been a priority for SYNETIQ’s since its formation and its efforts have been recognised, as it’s been shortlisted for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility at the Doncaster Business Awards.

At the start of the year SYNETIQ announced its partnership with Team BRIT, which supports people with physical and psychological challenges in accessing motorsport and aims to be the first all-disabled team to race in the Le Mans 24 hour.

The company also supports regional emergency services, including the First Responders for the North West Ambulance service West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and the BARC North West Rescue Team, with practice days for event simulation. Held at SYNETIQ sites, they create a challenging training environment where rapid extraction methods and specialist tool training can be conducted safely.

SYNETIQs Doncaster presence grows with 25 acre expansion


SYNETIQ has announced that two of its Doncaster vehicle processing facilities are to be joined with the addition of 25 acres licensed by the Environment Agency. Through the incorporation of an adjacent site, the existing SYNETIQ premises on Planet Road and Church Lane in Doncaster will be integrated into one new industry leading operation.

Planning permission has already been granted for the site’s development, which will allow SYNETIQ to improve and streamline its operations. Cars, motorbikes, HGVs and LCVs will now all be processed together, improving operational efficiencies and creating additional jobs in the local area.

As the UK’s leading vehicle salvage and recycling company, SYNETIQ is investing heavily in its facilities in and around its Doncaster HQ as part of its ongoing commitment to futureproofing its operations. With a strategy to operate from large, well-invested, strategically located sites, SYNETIQ will ensure it has capacity to continue growth in the future, while exceeding its recycling targets through innovative operational processes.

Richard Martin, Managing Director of SYNETIQ commented: “We are delighted to announce the Doncaster expansion just days after SYNETIQ is once again reaffirming its position as an industry leader at a time when the reduction in waste and the reduction in global CO2 production is critical. Through the expansion of our Doncaster operations, we are able to advance and streamline our vehicle processing, while operating our salvage, auction, parts and recycling operations from one single, efficient site.”

He added: “The use of the existing brownfield site will minimise the environmental impact of the expansion, and perfectly aligns with our company ethos of: Reduce, ReUse, Reman and Recycle.  It’s a simple yet effective approach, and we’re repurposing land in the same way that we re-use as many of the components on each vehicle as possible. This is very much how we approach our work, which includes focusing on our social responsibility and leading the industry through innovation.”

SYNETIQ Winsford to be the new centre of excellence for electric vehicle recycling


SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest vehicle salvage and recycling company, has announced its intention to expand and invest in its Winsford site, as the UK gears up for a shift to purely electric vehicles from 2035.

The planning of a significant investment is now underway, and will see the Winsford site in Cheshire become the home of SYNETIQ’s new cutting-edge facility for processing electric vehicles (EVs) – the first of its kind in Europe. With the announcement of a ban on all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, the move will support the company’s ambition to drive sustainability, innovation, compliance and customer experience agendas, whilst delivering great value for clients.

In addition to the bespoke EV Processing capability, there will also be further investment in facilities including concreting, large-scale racking systems, purpose-built depollution facilities, as well as remodelled premium dismantling and parts and EV Battery storage facilities. Winsford will still operate as a premium salvage and online auction site.

SYNETIQ already has specialist equipment and processes in place to handle EVs and hybrids, while maximising safety and compliance. New recycling processes are also in development, alongside additional logistics capabilities to futureproof the business.

Over 50 colleagues are trained to handle EV and Hybrid vehicles safely, and further training and investment is scheduled to upskill SYNETIQs team.
The scope of the development will see the site become the UK’s leader in handling the technically advanced vehicles of tomorrow and follows a £500k investment in EV handling capabilities already completed at Gloucester, SYNETIQs flagship South West site.

As part of changes the company’s Nantwich site will close by Spring 2021, with most employees migrating to the flagship Winsford site. This announcement of SYNETIQs commitment to expansion in the North West is in line with its business strategy, shared earlier this year. Concentrating rising vehicle volumes through fewer, but larger, well-invested and strategically located sites, will provide the capacity for future growth and increase efficiency.

SYNETIQ has already begun the successful implementation of this strategy in Scotland and the South West in 2020, as well as investment into new sites across the South East. Working to an ethos of: Reduce, Reuse, Reman and Recycle, SYNETIQ takes an integrated approach to ensuring how vehicles are assessed and either put back on the road or dismantled for parts. This ensures maximum reuse and minimal environmental impact – and supplies vital, cost effective and environmentally sustainable original components to the repair sector.

John Schofield, Executive Director of SYNETIQ says: “I am so proud of how the business I started back in 1974 has gone from strength to strength. I have always moved with the times and what our clients and customers want: this investment and commitment to our base in Cheshire is the next chapter of a very exciting story for SYNETIQ”.

Planning and consultation with colleagues will continue for the rest of the year before the expansion plans are executed in the new year.

SYNETIQ appoints new Group Inventory, Pricing & Stock Control Manager


Gavin Wood has joined UK’s largest salvage and vehicle recycling company, as part of investment in its Green Parts supply capability. 

In this new leadership role, Gavin will work with the Operations Director, supporting the end-to-end Inventory Process departments to ensure the SYNETIQ meets the stringent quality and delivery requirements their clients and customers require. These environmentally friendly Green Parts must be of the right standard, in the right place and at the right time.

Effective and efficient management of the goods in, pricing and grading, QC and inventory process is vital in this fast-moving area of the business, which handles thousands of vehicles and parts each week. 

SYNETIQ has invested heavily in its sites and infrastructure this year, implementing harmonised processes and measurements across its locations. The business is working to specific KPIs to meet the expectations of clients and customers. 

To support this, a new Pricing & Factoring Team has been established in Doncaster, led by Gavin to develop operational efficiencies through aligned processes, best practice and continual improvement. 

Gavin brings a wealth of experience in inventory and stock control, having worked in the FMCG industry for over 20 years, and will be based at SYNETIQs Doncaster Head Office.  

Tom Rumboll, Executive Chairman at SYNETIQ, said: 

“Our customers rely on us keeping our promises – whether that customer is a major Insurer or a private individual. Gavin has joined us at an exciting time and is absolutely the right person to support our ambitious growth plans.” 

SYNETIQ achieves the VRA UK Standard for Green Parts


The Vehicle Recycler’s Association has awarded SYNETIQ with the Stage 2 UK Standard for Reclaimed Parts from End-Of-Life Vehicles, following a two-part assessment at SYNETIQ’s Doncaster Head Office.

This new industry standard covers the removal, processing, and traceability of parts from damaged vehicles, ensuring they are safe for reuse. SYNETIQ supplies these ‘green parts’ to major fleets, Bodyshops, garages and private customers across the UK.

SYNETIQ sells original equipment (OE) non-safety related parts, such as collision panels, engines and gearboxes, through its parts procurement platform MyGreenFleet. Each part is graded from A to C, with any minor damage clearly highlighted. This quality control process is well established and means customers know exactly what to expect when ordering, with the item condition reflected in the price. The cashable saving from RRP can be as much as 75% when compared to new OE parts.

“We’re right behind this new VRA standard – it is a very positive step,” says Jason Cross, Client Relationship Director at SYNETIQ. ”We see it as being perfectly aligned with our vision: to lead the way in creating a vehicle recycling industry we can all be proud of. New, robust industry standards create a benchmark and inspire trust in the use of Green OE Parts. This can only help us and the insurance and fleet clients we serve.”

While reusing vehicle parts was traditionally a price-led decision, more information is being revealed about the environmental benefits of use. Last month, SYNETIQ reported it has helped British Gas to save 120,000kg of CO2, simply by using recycled replacement doors instead of comparable brand-new OE.

Jason added: “We’ve been supplying green parts to the fleet industry since 2010, and we’re now undertaking several trials with major UK insurers for use in insurer funded repair. Attitudes are changing towards green parts, and we’re grateful to the VRA for their efforts to raise the standards further.”

SYNETIQ achieves ISO 45001


SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading salvage and vehicle recycling company, has been externally verified with the International Standard ISO 45001.

The new accreditation is a welcome reminder that health, safety, and welfare remain at the heart of SYNETIQs operations. Colleagues continue to work together to ensure the business remains proactive in its approach to health and safety, striving to continuously improve together.

ISO 45001 has helped SYNETIQ focus on the minimisation and, where possible, elimination of risk. The business already operates an integrated management system which includes ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001; this has proved to be an effective way of achieving standardisation across sites.

SYNETIQ strives for excellence both for its colleagues and customers, and this accreditation further demonstrates the robust health and safety processes which are in place.

“I am proud and delighted that SYNETIQ has been awarded the ISO45001 accreditation. It is a testament to the hard work of all colleagues; especially the HSEQ Team and a real signal of our commitment to putting the Health and Safety of our colleagues at the forefront of our business. It reflects and recognises our investment and significant progress in this area since SYNETIQ was created.  The focus now must be on ensuring we maintain the level of quality, focus, discipline and improvement to retain this year after year.”

Tom Rumboll, Executive Chairman, SYNETIQ

“2020 continues to be a challenging year for all due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we all continue to pull together to work through the challenges we face. Achieving ISO45001 accreditation despite these additional challenges gives us a great sense of pride and further demonstrates our commitment to putting health and safety first in all that we do as an organization.”

Mark Harrison, Head of Health, Safety, Environment & Quality, SYNETIQ

SYNETIQ IT Team grows to support focus on innovation


SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest salvage and vehicle recycling company, has welcomed three new additions to its IT team – a mark of its commitment to investment and innovation.

Two new Senior Developers have joined to strengthen the team’s capacity, as the business prepares for the next chapter of its capabilities.

Sean Maller is the latest addition to the .Net Team, and will focus on software improvement, ensuring SYNETIQ remains a market leader in innovation and process.

Robert Ralston is the latest addition to the AWS development team and brings his experience gained in the Fleet Management industry, making him ideally placed for the role. SYNETIQ is a leading provider of Green Parts and Mechanical Solutions to fleets across the UK; Robert’s knowledge of CRM system development will enhance client and customer experience.

Navya Areti joins as Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Engineer, and will be working closely with SYNETIQ’s IT development teams. Navya’s background is in the creation of cloud infrastructure – she will help the team move projects into the cloud, reduce cost, improve reliability, and continue to plan for the future.

Dave Harcourt, IT Director at SYNETIQ, said: “Investment in our team will help us offer the best possible experience to our clients and customers. I’m excited for what’s in store over the coming months and confident we’re set up to drive our industry forward through investment and innovation.”

SYNETIQ secures contract with Stocalfe Response


The UK’s largest salvage and vehicle recycling company has announced a new partnership with Stocalfe Response, a provider of accident and fleet management services.

As part of the relationship, SYNETIQ will exclusively handle salvage vehicles involved in motor claims on behalf of Stocalfe Response. This agreement will provide Stocalfe Response with unrivalled returns for its total loss vehicles.

Steve Dodson, Client Relationship & Business Development Director, said: “I’m pleased to welcome Stocalfe Response as our newest client. We’ve worked closely with their team to make sure the transition was a smooth one and I’m delighted to report that everything’s working really well.”

Stocalfe Response is based in Warrington and offers a full management service, including credit hire and intervention hire. It works with a wide range of clients and customers; handling claims on vehicles ranging from small cars to HGVs.

Bromley Beacon Academy receives support from SYNETIQ and Metropolitan Police


Students at the Bromley Beacon Academy have received a donation of motorbikes from SYNETIQ, the UK’s largest salvage and vehicle recycling company.

The academy is based in South East London, and supports young people with social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) needs around the borough. The donated bikes will play a key role in the delivery Level 1 & 2 Motor Mechanics courses, where students can develop their practical skills and technical knowledge.

Bromley Beacon’s state of the art centre is equipped to the same standard as a professional garage, including all the relevant tools and safety equipment. Courses are designed to set students up for their working life, leading to a career in mechanics or engineering. As well as a donation of motorbikes, Bromley Beacon’s motorbike department has also received support from the Metropolitan Police service. The force’s own Motorbike Police team recently joined students at the school to share stories, vital information on keeping safe on the road, and their own experiences with motorbikes. All students reacted positively, helping to forge positive relationships between students and the Police.

SYNETIQ make moves to create a flagship site in the South West


SYNETIQ has announced its intention to expand its Gloucester site after sharing the news with its clients and colleagues last week. 

A multi-million-pound investment is already underway that will deliver new concrete works, large-scale racking systems, more purpose-built depollution facilities, and remodelled premium breaking and parts storage facilities. 

The changes will mean the closure of the long established Cinderford site by the end of September, with the migration of most of its employees, capabilities and processes transferring to the new flagship SYNETIQ site. 

This announcement of SYNETIQs commitment to expansion in the South West follows shortly behind a similar strategy and show of commitment to expanding its operations in Scotland to provide national coverage for clients and customers. 

Jason Cross, Client Director of SYNETIQ said:

The investment in the expansion of our Gloucester site is exciting, driven by our aspiration to lead the industry whilst delivering an exceptional, compliant and innovative service to our clients. This move is testament to our confidence in our business and our people, who will have the chance to develop and grow within our ambitious and scalable organisation.”

As Coronavirus caused unprecedented disruption to businesses across the UK, SYNETIQ, as a DEFRA-classified key service, continued to support its key worker clients, including Insurers, Ambulance services, Police forces and supermarket delivery vehicles, providing salvage and dismantling services, green parts and Mechanical Solutions and this investment is continued evidence of that commitment.

SYNETIQ invests in new 11-acre Glasgow site


SYNETIQ has successfully begun relocating to its new Glasgow site, marking further investment in its vehicle processing capacity.

The new Torrance premises is significantly larger than the outgoing Alexandria location and retains Julie Hubbard as Manager. The site has extensive concrete storage areas, large workshops, storage and office areas, meaning its suitable for many client services – including salvage, vehicle recycling, green parts and mechanical solutions.

The move is the next step in a strategic 5-year growth plan, where the business invests in new sites to strengthen its total UK coverage. So far this year, SYNETIQ has also opened two others – in Aldershot and in South London, the latter being the first of its kind in the industry.

SYNETIQ Torrance has plenty of space for further growth; an important consideration when choosing the site. By reinforcing its strong presence in the North, SYNETIQ can deliver the best possible experience to its clients – including Insurers, Police forces nationwide.

The business is now increasing efficiency through standardised ways of working, with the same high standards of compliance, safety, and efficiency across all its locations.

SYNETIQ electrifies engine handling process with new £60k investment


The UK’s leading integrated salvage, dismantling and recycling company has revealed a £60k investment at its flagship Doncaster site. 

A new twin-overhead crane system has now been installed at SYNETIQ’s Bentley Moor Lane site, with the electric-powered Street Crane eliminating any requirement for diesel-powered equipment during engine preparation. 

SYNETIQ says the announcement is the next step on ‘Our Road Tomorrow’ – the business’ plan to be the most sustainable business in its sector. It comes as part of a comprehensive review of SYNETIQ’s working practices, aiming to maximise safety, compliance, and sustainability. 

The two new cranes have now been successfully commissioned, in a setup traditionally used in construction and other heavy industries. SYNETIQ believes the new system to be an industry first, with a comprehensive redesign of the engine processing plant completed to implement two remote control Street Crane Express units. 

Mark Harrison, Head of HSEQ at SYNETIQ, said: “As an industry leader, its right that we’re constantly exploring new, innovative ways of working. Increasing demand on our green parts supply, including recycled or remanufactured engines and gearboxes, means we’re ensuring we have the right processes in place to meet the needs of our clients.” 

By selecting the market leading chain hoist system, SYNETIQ has also put the safety of colleagues first. Mark added: “The safety of our colleagues is of paramount importance, and we’re also investing in the relevant training required to operate the new remote systems in the correct way.” 

Gloucester under 8s football club score a new sponsor


SYNETIQ has been announced as Abbeymead Rovers Under 8s new sponsor. The sponsorship will be put towards kits for the new season.  

Established in 1997 by a group of local parents that began training sessions for youngsters, Abbeymead Rovers FC has grown from humble beginnings to one of the biggest and most successful grassroots club in the country.  

An FA Charter Standard Community Club based near SYNETIQ’s Gloucester site, Abbeymead Rovers strive to provide football for all in a safe and fun environment for the benefit of the local community. The club now has over 800 registered members and 50 teams for age groups from five years to 70+, providing weekly sessions for its youth, adult, disability and walking football teams.  

As a not-for-profit run entirely by volunteer committee members, coaches and helpers, the club relies upon sponsorship from local businesses to keep running. 

“We would like to thank SYNETIQ for their sponsorship. The backing from local business is vital to the club and allows us to keep costs manageable and open to everyone.” said club Chairman Paul Mason. 

The sponsorship will provide the under 8s with match kits as they enter their first league. Paul continued: “It’s a really exciting time for the team as they’re about to join their first non-competitive league. Until now, they have played friendly matches organised by their coach. Now they’ll be able to step out onto the pitch in their new kits for their first competitive games.” 

Formed in 2019 with sites nationwide, community-giving plays a significant role in SYNETIQ’s operation, and the business continues to support a range of social and community causes.  

SYNETIQ will feature on the Abbeymead Rovers Under 8s player and coach kits, as well as pitch-side during games and at any tournament matches.   

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