As the UK faces an unprecedented time, all sectors are making sure they are as prepared as they can be for the challenges that the next few months could bring.

The Metropolitan Police are focusing their efforts on clearing compounds of excess vehicles, following a recent notification from the Government. Due to the limited secure storage space within London, Metropolitan Police compounds may be required to hold vital medical supplies and house Army vehicles, amongst other sensitive tasks which may be required at a time of emergency.

SYNETIQ is a key contract partner to many of the UK’s Police forces, providing compliant salvage and vehicle recycling services across the country. During March 2020, SYNETIQ has experienced a record number of vehicle uplifts from the Police, receiving over 500 vehicles over just a two-day period.

Mike Carey, Deputy Head of Vehicle Recovery & Examination Services at Metropolitan Police, said: “We cannot underplay the importance of SYNETIQ’s work and the impact this has on our operational capabilities. We are facing incredible pressure to ensure there is storage space in the pounds. Vehicle collection and processing by SYNETIQ is a business-critical operation with paramount importance to us.”

“We’d like to take this opportunity to state how important this work is for us, how much we value SYNETIQs service and employees and what it means to us that, in our time of emergency, we can rely upon SYNETIQ to continue to deliver this service to us.”

As the increase in vehicle uplifts on behalf of Police forces continues, it’s vital that SYNETIQs key operations remain open to support key services such as the Police. The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), classes employees that work in the collection, processing, recycling and disposal of waste, as critical workers.

SYNETIQs teams have all had to adapt to new ways of working; social distancing has been adopted as a priority. All those that can are now working from home, and any that can’t have taken extra steps to protect themselves and their families from the spread of virus. Non-essential customer facing operations, such as parts counters, have been closed. Richard Martin, MD of SYNETIQ said “This is a difficult time for everyone in the UK. We are committed to doing everything we can to support the Metropolitan Police, as well as our other clients, customers, colleagues and their families. The situation will continue to change, and we will work closely with all critical services to ensure we deliver for them and play our part in the fight against Coronavirus.”