“RWS Light Commercials have been working with SYNETIQ now for several years and this collaboration has brought about significant positive outcomes for our company, such as increasing our workforce and our turnover and profitability.

“They are great company to work with on a daily basis, with quick communication, quick and easy payment systems, coupled with highly experienced staff. They have been a key business partner in our recent business expansion programme.”

Jack Kendall-Watson, Managing Director, RWS – Light Commercial Vehicles Division


“Lester Commercials have been dealing with SYNETIQ for many years now. Last year we turned out over 300 vehicles for them.

“Such a great company to deal with, the staff are always willing to help with any problems we encounter when fitting their Recon or green salvage engines and gearboxes.

“They pay on time with no issues and don’t put any pressure on us for completion dates to get vehicle turnaround for their customers. They also help us with any issue arising with our own customers vehicles and offer great solutions if problems arise they can normally offer donor parts to confirm the failures for our customers without the expense using genuine dealer parts.

“Great company and long may the partnership continue.”

Lester Commercials


“Hilbar Autos have been working with SYNETIQ for over nine years now, and have always been fair with labour rates, parts required and turnaround times to get the vehicle back out on the road.

“The team have always been there for us with parts that we have needed for our own vehicles in the workshop and any issues are dealt with fast and they have a great attitude.

“They’re a really good team and just great people to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention the great boost to our garage monthly turnover and they always get us work if we are in a lean period. We would really recommend being a Network workshop for them.” 

Hilbar Autos


 “D & D Bell Ltd have been working with SYNETIQ for 20 years and find them an excellent company to work for. The staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, often assisting us in other aspects of our business.

“We are paid on a monthly basis which always arrives on time, and we never need to chase up payments.

“We definitely recommend being part of the repair Network of workshops.”

 D&D Bell Garage


“Our longstanding partnership with SYNETIQ spans an impressive 30 years. The enduring reliability of their service is underscored by the fact that the same dedicated team, who we have come to know and trust, seamlessly transitioned through the acquisition and rebranding. Working with SYNETIQ has consistently been a pleasure, thanks to their unwavering commitment to excellence and the delightful nature of their team.

“The hallmark of our collaboration lies in SYNETIQ’s exceptional communication and collaborative problem-solving. Their responsiveness is unparalleled, ensuring that any issues are swiftly addressed.

“When challenges arise, the SYNETIQ team works seamlessly with us as a cohesive unit, resolving issues efficiently and reinforcing the strength of our long-term partnership.

“SYNETIQ  has truly proven to be not just a business ally but an integral part of our team, embodying reliability, effective communication, and a shared commitment to success.”

BS Motors