SYNETIQ, an IAA, Inc. company (NYSE: IAA), has been awarded the CLAD Catalyst Award from the Carbon Literacy Project for their participation in Carbon Literacy Action Day.

The award recognises SYNETIQ’s commitment to tackling climate change through running multiple training sessions, establishing a training program for its parent company IAA, Inc. and for bringing Carbon Literacy to a brand-new location.

The first business in the vehicle recycling industry to become Silver Carbon Literacy accredited, SYNETIQ has demonstrated a long-held commitment to creating a climate-conscious culture across the organisation, and a willingness to share their knowledge with other businesses in the automotive industry.

“We are so proud to receive the CLAD Catalyst Award,” said Elisa Caton, Sustainability Manager at SYNETIQ. “Reducing emissions relies on every single person in an organisation to be aware of the carbon impacts of their choices and feeling motivated to take action. We’re not only committed to reducing our own emissions at SYNETIQ, but we’re also committed to bringing our clients and local businesses along on that journey to becoming Carbon Literate too.”

Emma Richards, Head of Project Development at The Carbon Literacy Project, said: “We are delighted to recognise SYNETIQ as one of the first-ever CLAD Catalyst Award winners. SYNETIQ has received this award in recognition of their catalytic delivery of Carbon Literacy – delivering training to the Senior Management of IAA, Inc., their international parent company – as part of the Carbon Literacy Action Day 2022. In training such a significant group, SYNETIQ are leading the way for a low-carbon culture not only within their immediate organisation, but by recognising and influencing those within their networks with a greater locus of change, maximising the impact of their training delivery. This award is well deserved and goes some way towards acknowledging SYNETIQ’s ambition and passion for tackling climate change. We are proud to work with SYNETIQ and I’m excited to see how they continue to use their influence to create a cascade of change through Carbon Literacy learning and action.”

Ruth James, Automotive Sector Coordinator at The Carbon Literacy Project, said: “SYNETIQ are always looking for ways to increase the reach of Carbon Literacy, inviting people from across the industry to join their training sessions. For CLAD 2022, they took this a step further and brought Carbon Literacy to the USA! Their drive to bring as many people as possible on their Carbon Literacy journey show true dedication and a real desire to make a difference in the industry. A shining example to everyone in automotive and beyond!”

SYNETIQ has offered Carbon Literacy Training to all its colleagues since 2020. Forming part of the business’ sustainability strategy, Our Road to Tomorrow, the training educates learners on the climate impacts of everyday actions, allowing them to map their own carbon footprint and gain an understanding and motivation to reduce their personal and workplace emissions.

Alongside the training, the business has also identified focused workstreams to support its journey to net-zero. Initiatives include a transition to low carbon transport and estate, and increasing circularity and waste reduction. Within 18 months of launching its strategy, the company has calculated the carbon savings through its supply of green parts for vehicle repair, introduced bespoke carbon certification for clients, installed solar panels at its flagship sites and continues to improve its end-of-life vehicle recycling rate.