First Responders at North West Ambulance Service are being kept on the road thanks to donations from vehicle salvage and dismantling business SYNETIQ.

The First Responders team is Gavin Palin and Max Kelly, who work on behalf of the NHS and North West Ambulance Trust. Both are volunteers who give up their spare time to help those in need of urgent assistance, relying on donations in order to operate.

The team are first on the scene for a wide range of emergencies, providing swift medical attention until a full-size ambulance arrives. The gap they fill is vital – in some cases it can be the difference between life and death.

SYNETIQs Nantwich and Winsford teams have had a relationship with First Responders for over 7 years. In addition to providing two vehicles for the team, SYNETIQ keeps the First Responders on the road by providing free fuel, servicing and maintenance.

The relationship between SYNETIQ and North West Ambulance Service can be traced back to Car Transplants Ltd – one of the businesses which merged to form SYNETIQ earlier this year. The business was delighted to continue supporting the First Responders and remains on hand to provide fuel and maintenance for their vehicles.

John Schofield, Executive Director at SYNETIQ: “We recognise how important Gavin and Max’s roles are within our community. We’re pleased to continue supporting them in any way we can.”

You can hear more about Gavin and Max’s work in this video: