SYNETIQ, an IAA company (NYSE: IAA), has pledged to increase upskilling opportunities to support current and predicted future skills shortages in the vehicle recycling and salvage sector.

The pledge is in direct response to an insight report by independent think tank The Green Alliance, which cited a ‘green skills gap’ in the transportation sector.

The report stated that 80 per cent of people who will be employed in 2030 are already in the workforce, meaning large numbers must be ‘retrained and upskilled.’ The report also noted that ‘vehicle scrappage and recycling experts’ are among the main areas of skills shortage within the industry.

SYNETIQ says preparation is key, with a focus on safe and compliant dismantling of electric and hybrid vehicles ahead of the 2030 ban on the sale of internal combustion engines.

Preparing a future workforce is nothing new to SYNETIQ. In 2021, the recycler launched its own Metal Recycling Apprenticeship (MRA) as a strategic move to future-proof the workforce.

Natalie Buckley, HR Director at SYNETIQ said: “Our colleagues are our biggest and most valuable asset, and we recognise the need to upskill them from within, not just for business needs, but for their own personal growth.

“The vehicle recycling landscape is ever-changing and we’re already seeing an increase in electric and hybrid vehicles coming our way for end-of-life processing. We need our colleagues to have the right tools and skills to handle this change.

“We offer a range of apprenticeship and training opportunities, not just for school-leavers but for people of all ages, abilities and skill levels. Of course, we’re always looking for new recruits and with the recent increase in unemployment rates, we welcome applicants looking for work.

“I am excited to see what our colleagues can achieve and where they will take us as a business.”