Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ, an IAA company (NYSE: IAA), has been named Business Leader of the Year at the South Yorkshire Sustainability Awards. The awards recognise organisations and individuals who are pioneering activity to reduce their environmental impact in South Yorkshire and across the UK. The ceremony was the culmination of a campaign throughout the region which highlighted, inspired and motivated the wider community to start their own journey to take meaningful climate action.

“I feel really honoured to have been named Business Leader of the Year at this year’s South Yorkshire Sustainability Awards. I passionately believe in circular business models and I’m hugely proud every day to work with our fantastic SYNETIQ team who are setting the standard for the vehicle recycling industry.”

SYNETIQ recycle a staggering 96.3% of every vehicle they dismantle, and are now able to calculate the specific carbon savings that their supply of green parts – used OEM, non-safety critical items – such as doors, engines, headlamps and tailgates – can offer.

Under Tom’s leadership, SYNETIQ is committed to ensuring that its business remains at the forefront of a changing industry landscape and drives the industry forward in collectively achieving net-zero emissions.

Passionate and committed to decarbonising the automotive supply chain, Tom has led SYNETIQ by example to create a low-carbon culture across the organisation, having been one of the first colleagues to undertake Carbon Literacy Training. He has subsequently become a vocal advocate for the Carbon Literacy Project, championing the organisation to the wider world.

During COP26, as part of the Carbon Literacy Action Day in November 2021, Tom personally delivered training to two of five training groups in the automotive industry and businesses in SYNETIQ’s local communities.