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Transform your vehicle repairs with SYNETIQ

SYNETIQ mechanical solutions keep your drivers on the road and save you moneyOur seamless service helps you create cost savings whilst reducing vehicle off road time and your carbon footprint.  

Mechanical Solutions

Minimise your vehicle downtime and repair costs

  • SYNETIQ is a leading provider of mechanical solutions, remanufactured and green mechanical parts for some of the UK’s largest fleet, lease, warranty, insurance and accident and maintenance management providers.
  • We offer a choice of repair options, including a key-to-key service where we collect, repair and return.
  • Your fleet is covered, wherever they are. Our network of specialist workshops offer excellent UK coverage.
  • A great way to recycle serviceable parts back into the supply chain.
  • UK-based technical contact centre, with a qualified, experienced, efficient and friendly team.

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Case Study: Major fleet operator saves 79% on engine repair costs with SYNETIQ

“ Keeping on top of vehicle repair costs is essential when operating a large fleet. In the event of a mechanical fault, it pays to call SYNETIQ – as a major fleet operator recently discovered…   The vehicle in question was a Mercedes C250. It had already been recovered to a Mercedes main dealership, where initial investigations showed signs of contamination in th...”

Major fleet operator saves 79% on engine repair costs with SYNETIQ

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