When we receive your auction vehicles, it’s our job to promote them in the best possible way to help you receive the maximum return. We wanted to share with you some of the ways we do this.

To present some premium vehicles we use our state-of-the-art Green Room facility based at our Winsford site. This process is designed to help us achieve the optimum financial return for you. We have 360° imaging for vehicles (internally and externally), so auction buyers can get an even better understanding of the condition of each vehicle.

To ensure we target as many potential buyers as possible, we follow a comprehensive marketing plan which includes regular social media posts across both IAA and SYNETIQ platforms – please let us know if you have a particular vehicle you would like to promote and we will ensure we add it to our weekly schedule.

Each week, registered buyers receive an auction preview showcasing what’s coming available the following week – this is aimed at both IAA and SYNETIQ customers as they now have access to both platforms, increasing your selling potential.

To make sure we’re doing all we can to give you and buyers the very best service, we’ve launched a customer survey to ensure we continue to deliver a quality buyer survey. A happy buyer will always return.