SYNETIQ has committed to set company-wide emissions targets in line with climate science, using the Science Based Targets initiative.

In a first for the vehicle salvage and recycling industry, the business has pledged to implement new, measurable goals to accelerate its efforts towards creating a sustainable motoring future in the UK.

Work has already begun to establish clear, tangible targets, throughout every SYNETIQ operation. In a commitment planned for Spring 2022, the business will reveal further positive impact of its sustainability initiative, Our Road to Tomorrow.

“We’ve learned a lot on our journey this year,” said Tom Rumboll, CEO at SYNETIQ. “From establishing the embodied Carbon in each vehicle part we reuse, to beginning to understand our road to net zero.”

“We are excited to take the next step on our road to tomorrow journey to reduce our emissions in line with the latest climate science and meet our clients’ expectations. We believe that businesses have a crucial role to play in both reducing their environmental impact and developing greener ways of working that will set us on the path to net zero. We are proud to join the growing group of companies setting emissions reduction targets and, demonstrating that sustainability is critical to our business, our strategy and our success.”

SYNETIQ says the incredible response to its Carbon Literacy Training has been hugely encouraging, demonstrating a business-wide commitment to reducing environmental impact at work and at home. Through its adoption of the Science Based Targets initiative, SYNETIQ is now committing to set new, more stringent goals.

The business, which now handles over 60,000 salvage and end of life vehicles each year, recycles an average of 96.3% of each end of life vehicle it processes – surpassing EU legislative targets. SYNETIQ says its integrated model means it’s perfectly placed to maximise the environmental and financial potential of salvage or end of life vehicles – whether by safely harvesting reusable green parts, or as part of the compliant vehicle recycling process.