Speaking about the government’s decision to delay the ban on petrol and diesel cars until 2035, Tom Rumboll, UK Managing Director for IAA and CEO of SYNETIQ said: “The automotive industry and the wider UK economy have shown ambition, commitment and consistency in the preparation of the 2030 ban.

“The government consulted with the industry in 2020 which resulted in the 2030 target being set. Given the work, focus and effort dedicated to meeting the 2030 target, this decision to postpone the ban until 2035 is disappointing. Despite the outcome, I hope our momentum continues in the industrywide mission to move further away from fossil fuels to alternative low-carbon technologies.

“As a leading vehicle recycler, our focus very much remains on providing the industry with an EV battery recycling solution and in preparing our workforce for the shift to an electrified future.

“I remain hopeful that the government will use this additional time to dedicate the resources needed to find a battery recycling solution that is safe, sustainable, cost effective and future-proof – SYNETIQ is fully supportive of any future opportunities which focus on achieving this.”