SYNETIQ has announced an increase in its vehicle recycling capabilities, as it continues to develop operational processes and efficiencies.

The business, which processes around 70,000 salvage and end of life vehicles each year, now recycles an average of 96.3% of each vehicle it processes. Thanks to investment in training, data systems managing the inventory of stock and innovative operational processes, the new figure is thought to be the highest within the vehicle recycling industry.

By maximising the potential of each vehicle it handles, SYNETIQ aims to fight waste and unlock as much environmental value as possible from vehicles which can no longer fulfil their intended purpose.

As cars become more sophisticated, including the introduction of EV powertrains, there’s the danger that they’ll become harder to recycle as effectively – especially if they use more exotic materials and construction technics to save weight. However, SYNETIQ is already in conversation with car manufacturers as to how it can apply its expertise and help design more sustainable vehicles in the future.

In partnership with Auto Trader, and alongside leading automotive businesses, including Nissan Motor Corporation, Marshall Motor Group, Lookers, Motorpoint and AvailableCar, SYNETIQ has also developed a new Automotive Carbon Literacy Toolkit. In an industry-first, the groundbreaking toolkit is designed to support the automotive sector with reducing its carbon footprint, aiding the easy adoption of Carbon Literacy for organisations and their colleagues.

SYNETIQ has also been awarded a four-star rating at the Zero Waste Awards 2021, which recognises organisations that are working to reduce the amount of their waste that goes to landfill. This new award is a mark of its intentions to remain a leader in creating a sustainable motoring future in the UK.