SYNETIQ has revealed its first Smart Hub, located less than a mile from the M25, strengthening Southeastern coverage for the UK’s leading integrated salvage, dismantling, and recycling business.

The site will be home to a wide range of client services including online vehicle auctions, green parts supply, and recycling, processing a portion of the 50,000 salvage and end of life vehicles handled by SYNETIQ each year. Strategically located near the M25, the new Smart Hub will improve the efficiency of the business’s transporter and parts delivery fleet, reducing vehicle mileage and CO2 emissions.

At around 30 miles away from SYNETIQ Charlton, an existing site which manages seized or damaged vehicles on behalf of the Metropolitan Police, SYNETIQ M25 will allow a greater flow of vehicles within the network and a further increase in vehicle capacity.

Tom Rumboll, CEO at SYNETIQ, said: “We pride ourselves on being there for our clients, and adapting to their changing needs. This new, dynamic site is the first SYNETIQ Smart Hub, and our way of demonstrating to existing and potential clients that we’re on hand with sustainable vehicle processing solutions across the breadth of the UK.”

Further investment is now in progress, with new technology and construction work in progress – including new technology for click & collect parts availability. The site has an existing ELV processing license, meaning that the site can be utilised immediately.

The increase in capacity will support SYNETIQs growth strategy, as the business prepares for the future of vehicle recycling in the lead up to the 2030 ICE sales ban. Electric and Hybrid vehicles will also be processed at the site, bolstering SYNETIQs existing EV Centre of Excellence in Winsford, Cheshire.

“SYNETIQs integrated, circular model is scalable by nature – the more vehicles we process, the greater our supply of green parts, and the greater the CO2 savings we can generate for our clients. We see our new Smart Hub as the next step on Our Road to Tomorrow, a long-term sustainability plan which has already helped SYNETIQ to achieve great things. I’m truly excited to share the next chapter of that with our clients and customers.”