Intelligent Tyre-Data Solutions

A VRM lookup that will return accurate data on the manufacturers standard tyre fitment and sizing.

With our key partners Haynes, we maintain our own database of UK tyre fitments. For both Cars and LCV's, we hold a detailed selection of fitments, including; Standard, Optional Upgrades, Optional Economy Fitments (downgrades), Winter Fitments and High Speed (racing / track) matched to individual model variants. Our coverage is best in class with over 99% coverage against the UK parc for Cars and over 94% coverage against the UK light Commercial vehicle parc.

Our tyre fitment data is delivered in pairs (front and rear). Clients find this especially useful for models with different front and rear tyre sizes. The VRM will also return standard and laden tyre pressures together with Run-flat and noise cancelling fitment markers.

Our feed is easy to integrate and can be supplied in a modern RESTful or SOAP service to support existing legacy applications.

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