Salvage Solutions

A full salvage solution

SYNETIQ offers the most compliant and efficient salvage solution in the industry. We can handle any vehicle and manage each step from recovery through to sale or recycling.

We dispose of all category A & B vehicles on our UK sites, eliminating the chance of these vehicles returning to the road.

Our salvage process:

Vehicle recovery
1. Vehicle recovery

With over 100 specialist recovery vehicles nationwide, we have one of the largest transporter fleets in the country. The scale of our coverage means we can recover vehicles within 24 hours, if requested - or a time to suit you and your client.

In addition to our standard services, we also offer emergency recovery for vehicles involved in accidents or natural disasters, such as flood or fire.

2. Categorisation

Although many vehicles are categorised before they reach us, a SYNETIQ Appropriately Qualified Person can categorise salvage vehicles where required.

Our AQP team is trained to the highest standards in salvage categorisation. We also have engineering facilities available for physical or digital assessment.

Vehicle storage
3. Vehicle storage

Salvage vehicles are stored on a safe and secure site while they are processed.

4. Disposal

Depending on the categorisation of the salvage vehicle, we offer a range of disposal options:

  • Online auction

  • Vehicle dismantling

  • Recycling / green parts

  • Bespoke disposal options

Our Services

We lead the industry in service and innovation, providing our clients with the most transparent, efficient and best-value salvage solutions. Below are some of our pioneering services:

VISTA Salvage Management web portal

We've digitised the salvage process with VISTA Salvage Management, providing clients with unparalleled visibility and control over the entire salvage operation. Key features include:

  • Collection reporting

    Get real time confirmation of vehicle recovery along with images, video and uplift details.

  • Auditive disposal process

    VISTA makes the entire process visible to you in real-time, and is backed up by full MI reporting.

  • Integrated messaging system

    All communications are handled through VISTA, providing a robust auditable trail of all steps and decisions.

  • Valuation

    We can offer clients a bespoke financial returns model, dependant on vehicle portfolio.

  • Sales reporting

    Live information is available through VISTA on all vehicle sales. We can also provide a bespoke daily email of all vehicles sold or paid for from the previous day if required.

Dedicated account management

Each SYNETIQ client receives best-in-class account management services from a dedicated team. This includes:

  • Account Managers

    Your key contact and central hub of all salvage activities

  • Salvage Controllers

    Coordinates everything needed to make your salvage operation a success

  • Accounts Contacts

    Looking after all financial transactions

  • Logistics Controllers

    Ensuring vehicles and parts arrive when and where needed

Every aspect of our service and account management is managed through bespoke Service Level Agreements and measured against Key Performance Indicators.

Bridging the Gap
Bridging the gap

Use our Bridge-the-Gap app to receive an automated quote for a vehicle which is lightly damaged or falls outside of contract terms. The auto-bridge function is quick and simple to use, helping insurers to find a solution for total loss vehicles when necessary. For any vehicles that don't meet the auto-bridge criteria, images and details can be uploaded to our portal. We review these on a case by case basis and provide a quotation within an hour.

Specialist Recovery

Vehicle recovery can be time sensitive and often requires minimum disruption for your policy holder. We can provide full project management, giving you total peace of mind. With decades of experience in handling the most difficult of circumstances, our team can react quickly and handle any situation in a safe and compliant way.

  • Collision

  • Contamination

  • Fire

  • Flood

  • Major surge claims

  • Specialist hi-ab

  • Stolen recovered

  • Vandalism

Sectors we support:
  • Specialist vehicle recovery

  • On-site categorisation (to speed up claims handling)

  • On-site dismantling

  • Specialist equipment hire

  • Debris clearance

Forensic investigation facility

We have qualified partners on hand to offer forensic services too. These vehicles are kept in quarantine and handled as little as possible to preserve evidence.

All access to the vehicle is logged and forensic investigators have access to our on-site engineering facilities.

  • Case research

  • Witness interviews

  • Evidence analysis

  • Full reporting

  • Covered or unmarked transport for sensitive cases

Sectors we support:
  • Product liability

  • Manufacturing defect

  • Fraud

  • Warranty

  • Repairer liability

For more information contact:

Simon Schofield
Simon Schofield
Client Relationship Director
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Steve Dodson
Steve Dodson
Business Development & Client Director
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