Bidder information regarding SYNETIQ

Motorhog, Car Transplants, DH Systems and FAB have combined their strengths and formed a new company called SYNETIQ Ltd.

If your bidder account was with Motorhog or Car Transplants, we have moved you over to SYNETIQ which now combines the vehicles from both Motorhog and Car Transplants.

Our physical sites have not moved, vehicles are where they have always been.  Remember though, SYNETIQ now has more sites combined, so check where vehicles are before bidding.

To find our selection of vehicles, now look for SYNETIQ in the seller filter.

New vehicle sales will generate a SYNETIQ Sale Information sheet with new payment options.  Please double check your payment details if you pay by bank transfer.

You can continue to use or to find and bid on vehicles, or if you prefer, switch to the new domain name  All domain names will have all vehicles listed.

You might notice that both the Motorhog and Car Transplants websites now list all parts and breakers together.  We are trading as one company and all parts are available on all websites, again don’t forget our locations have expanded so check where something is located before making a special journey.

Not sure what to do or have a question?  Please log into your account and visit your My Account page which will list your registered members contact details.


SYNETIQ auction team.