App support

Some of these issues may have been fixed by updates. Always check that your devices have the most recent version of the apps before contacting SYNETIQ for support.

You can contact SYNETIQ by emailing or phoning 0131 334 7515.

We recommend installing the following apps:

  • Cx File Explorer - a useful tool for browsing your device's storage
  • AppLock - this and similar tools let you lock down the phone


Server Address Rules

When entering a server address into an app, it must follow these rules:

  • Is not an internal computer name (i.e. SQLSVR)
  • Does not have http:// or similar at the beginning
  • Does not end with a filename (i.e. FrontierStockService.asmx)

Folder names are not usually necessary as part of the address if the service is installed in the default directory on the server. Default directories listed below:


If you need assistance with determining the correct address to use, you can contact SYNETIQ for help.

Log file location

You can find the log files in the following locations:


Sending log files

All applications except for Frontier Recovery have a built in send log files option in the menu of the main screen of the app. If the client uses the Play Store, they can use Gmail with minimal extra set-up. It will automatically include the relevant log files for that day in the generated email.

Cannot download from Play Store

Make sure that your device's time and date settings are correct. We recommend using network time if possible. If your settings are too far out, then Google will not be able to authenticate properly.

UnknownHostException or XmlPullParserException

Server address probably inputted as a local network name. Try inputting as a IP address.

SoapFault error

Something has gone wrong with the service on the server. Send an error log to so we can diagnose the issue.

Images not uploading

Service may not have started properly or server address may have been input incorrectly. Check server address, and if incorrect try exiting the app and restarting it so you get a fresh home screen. If problem persists, try rebooting phone. May be indicative of setup problem with web services. SYNETIQ to check web.config of IIS server.

Frozen images

Follow these instructions:

Android 5.0+

  1. Press the dots button in the top right, or the menu button if available
  2. Press "Reset attempts count"

Duplicate Images

Try adjusting the upload settings to a timeout of 20 seconds or a schedule of 3 minutes and see if that fixes the problem.

Images directory needs to be created on server before uploads can continue

The images directories that the apps send pictures to can't be created by the apps themselves, so they needs to be created either manually or by Frontier Salvage/Dismantling.

The reason it needs created is that a new folder is used for each month’s images, so a new folder is needed each month.

To create the folder using Salvage/Dismantling, all you should need to do is add an image to the desktop system, and it should automatically create the folder.

The relevant folder needed this month is: [FrontierLocation]/Images/2021/September for Yard or [FrontierLocation]/Images/Parts/2021/September for Imager/Dismantling.

Accessing the options menu

How you access the options menu will depend on your device. Some devices have an always-available menu button, and others have no menu button at all.

How to tell if your device has a menu button

Assuming that you don't have the instructions to hand, if you look at a screen that has an options menu (the main screen of every app has one), you may see three vertical dots in the top-right corner. If you do, this means your device does not have a menu button. Clicking the three dots icon will open the options menu.

Where to find my menu button

It varies by device, but some examples can be found below:

  • No hardware menu button
  • Samsung menu button
  • Honeywell 70e Black buttons

Resetting app data

  1. Go to the Android Settings
    • All Apps > Settings
  2. Go to the Apps Manager
    • may be called: Apps, Application Manager, Apps Manager...
  3. Find app and click it
  4. Click the Clear Data button
  5. Go back to the Home screen and re-open app
  6. Begin installation from scratch

Stopping app

  1. Go to the Android Settings
    • All Apps > Settings
  2. Go to the Apps Manager
    • may be called: Apps, Application Manager, Apps Manager...
  3. Find app and click it
  4. Click the Force Stop button

Installing apps

From Play Store

  1. Search for app name in Play Store
  2. Press install
  3. Once installed on device, follow setup instructions within app

From APK

  1. Load APK onto externally-accessible storage of device
  2. Use file manager app on device to locate APK
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to install app
    • You may need to change device security settings to do this
  4. Once installed, follow setup instructions within app


Recovery Password

The Recovery password changes on a daily basis. Today's password is: Sep26

Can't log in - get a service error

If it's a NullPointerException, it should tell you to try again. Sometimes there's a problem with the initial connection that is fixed by trying again.

Not a NullPointerException?

  1. Cancel out of the PIN dialog, and open the menu.
  2. Select "About Application"
  3. Check the listed server address against the correct server address
    • No "http"
    • No "FrontierStockService.asmx"
    • No folders necessary if installed in default folder
  4. If correct, try again
  5. If not correct, you'll need to reset the app
    1. Go to the Android Settings
      • All Apps > Settings
    2. Go to the Apps Manager
      • may be called: Apps, Application Manager, Apps Manager...
    3. Find Frontier Mobile and click it
    4. Click the Clear Data button
    5. Go back to the Home screen and re-open Dismantling
    6. Begin installation from scratch

Entered PIN, but can't use anything

Make sure the user has the "Dismantling Login", "Salvage Login", or "Dashboard Manager" permission

Can't change settings

Make sure the user has the "Dashboard Manager" permission

Can't change prices

Make sure the user has the "Can Change Price" permission

Buttons on main screen are faded out

Features that you are not authorised to use, and features that have not been implemented yet will appear faded out even while logged in. This is a visual guide to indicate that you cannot use these features.

Starting Services

Go to the admin tab and click "Start Background Services"


The options menu on the main screen has a "Send Error Log" option that will send error log files to - this may require setting up Gmail, or other email program. Gmail is recommended as it should be pre-configured due to needing a Google account to download from the Play Store.

Can't upload to YouTube

Check the error log file for the most recent error relating to video uploads. Compare that error information to YouTube errors list to diagnose the problem.

Common errors listed below:

[401] youtubeSignupRequired
The Google Account being used does not have a linked YouTube Channel

Don't know how to create a YouTube Channel

Go to YouTube and log in with the same Google Account being used on the phone. Once you're logged in, you can create a channel. You will have various options to set up your channel, but Google explains these to you as you set up your channel.

Want a barcode scanner?

Inateck BCST-70

We recommend the Inateck BCST-70 laser barcode scanner available on amazon

To integrate, follow instructions in the PDFs below:

Inateck BCST-10

Inateck BCST-10 laser barcode scanner - no longer available

To integrate, follow instructions in the PDFs below: